Coronado cracking down on ‘Pokemon Go’ players

CORONADO, Calif. -- Since the release of Pokemon Go last month, users of the popular mobile game have flooded Coronado.

The center median at 9th Street and Orange Avenue, in particular, has become one of the hottest places -- or Pokestops -- to capture elusive Pokemon Go spawns.

But residents and business owners are complaining about the gamers jaywalking, littering and even urinating in public.

The Coronado Police Department has decided to start enforcing existing laws that prohibit smoking, tents, chairs and staying beyond 11 p.m.

"We want to keep people safe. It is a major thoroughfare. There are kids out there. We just want to make sure no one gets hurt," said Capt. Laszlo Waczek with the Coronado Police Department.

But Pokemon Go users like Greg Zuñiga say they are being unfairly targeted and are actually good for Coronado's economy.

"We bought sunscreen at Rite Aid that's $10. There are a lot of things people buy around here. I feel like this doesn't hurt Coronado -- it's more like it's helping," Zuñiga said.

The Coronado Police Department says it will start educating gamers for the next week or so about the ordinances and will start issuing citations, if needed, beginning August 29.