No Legendary Pokemon characters released during Comic-Con panel

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SAN DIEGO – The Comic-Con panel about the popular Pokemon Go app left some fans disappointed Sunday.

PHOTO GALLERY: Costumes of Comic-Con

PHOTO GALLERY: Costumes of Comic-Con

Thousands of gaming fans who waited in line — many trying to catch Pickachu on their smart phones — were treated to a talk from Niantic CEO John Hanke, whose company created Pokemon Go. The discussion was moderated by Chris Hardwick, Nerdist website founder and AMC show host.

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Hanke — who said he had reached Level 18 on the game — told the crowd that the response to the app has been “mindblowing.” He mainly talked about the unexpected popularity of the app but did reveal the identity of some of the game’s team leaders.

Pokemon Go fans who had heard rumors about a “legendary new character” being unleashed during Comic Con left disappointed messages on social media following the event since Hanke did not announce the addition of any new friends for Pickachu.