EgyptAir wreckage found in Mediterranean

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CAIRO – Wreckage of the EgyptAir Flight 804 plane that crashed into the Mediterranean in May was spotted, Egyptian officials said Wednesday.

A statement from a committee investigating the crash said, “several main locations of the wreckage” had been identified. The ministry did not specify the size or the location of the parts that were found.

Sixty-six people aboard the Airbus A320 died when it crashed on May 19.  The airplane had taken off from Paris and while in the air headed to Cairo it disappeared from radar.

The committee did not reveal who first located the debris or exactly where it was found.

The Egyptian military released pictures May 21 – two days after the plane disappeared – of some wreckage and debris found so far, which includes “an uninflated life vest, a seat, a purse, shoes, carpet, a scarf, parts of chairs and cushions, and a sling bag,” CNN reports. “The EgyptAir label appeared on one piece of wreckage.”

A search team of investigators will now draw a map of the wreckage spots, the committee said.

No group has claimed an attack on the plane.