La Jolla UTC resident set to run 7 marathons, on 7 continents with MS

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SAN DIEGO--  Cheryl Hile was diagnosed with MS in 2006 at the age of 32, making it increasingly more difficult to participate in one of her greatest passions: marathons.

"Shortly thereafter I was diagnosed I started tripping and falling while running," said Hile.  "I actually fell twice during the Carlsbad half marathon. I kept running. I crossed the finish line with bloody knees. I had a common system called foot drop. I can no longer lift my foot so I trip over it and I fall. I met with a neurologist. She actually told me to lower my expectations for running so from that day forward my motto became I do what I can and I never ever give up."
Determined to not just meet personal expectations, but exceed them, Hile had a personalized ankle foot orthotic created, a personalized carbon fiber brace that helps Hile overcome the foot drop symptom.
"Since 2008 I have completed 32 marathons with the ankle foot orthotic strapped to my leg and I haven't fallen once," said Hile.
Nor has Hile backed down from her determination to inspire others to never give up. The 42-year-old continues to prep for an adventure of a lifetime, running 7 marathons on 7 different continents, well aware it won't be easy.
"This will be quite challenging because I have to run in Antarctica," said Hile. "Some of my MS systems rear their ugly head when I'm really cold. It's a good challenge for me to over come. I want to encourage people to never lower their expectations and to always do what they can and never give up. I feel like that energy is helping me move forward and do my best."
Hile's journey kicks off on September 18th in Cape Town South Africa, and she says nothing can stop her from setting this record.
"I will finish this. I'm going to do it."
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