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Knife-wielding man shot, killed by police in Hillcrest

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SAN DIEGO - A knife-wielding man suspected of domestic violence was shot and killed by San Diego police, authorities said Saturday.

The shooting happened in the 4200 block of Sixth Avenue at about 10:35 p.m. Friday, said San Diego police Lt. Manny Del Toro.

The officers responded to a call of domestic violence in progress in the 500 block of Lewis Street, Del Toro said. The suspect reportedly held a knife to his boyfriend's neck.

The suspect fled the residence and a San Diego police helicopter unit saw the suspect in the 4200 block of Sixth Avenue, he said.

Officers went to that location and found the man, and commanded him to stop, Del Toro said.

``Commands were given to stop and drop the weapon, but the knife-wielding suspect refused to comply. The suspect aggressively advanced towards the officer with the knife. Fearing for his safety and the safety of the public, the San Diego police officer fired his handgun at the suspect striking him in the chest.''

A large kitchen knife was found next to the suspect, he said.

The man was taken to a hospital where he died from his wounds, Del Toro said.

``A preliminary investigation revealed the suspect was wanted for a parole violation and he had a violent criminal history,'' the lieutenant said.

The officer was not hurt and captured the incident on his body camera, Del Toro said.


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  • negligent

    Shooting should be a last resort! SDPD has shown a great propensity to shoot and claim they felt threatened or feared for their life when no danger existed. We have seen the video of the shooting of the homeless person in the Midway area and it was blatant murder then covered up. While the guy in this story did have a history, no normal person runs around with a kitchen knife. The guy was obviously mentally ill and once again, SDPD shows up ill prepared to deal with mental illness. If you show up to do a job without the right tools and training it is negligent! If you fail to use the tools and training properly, it is negligent!

  • thomas

    Sad he didn’t comply, but police are seriously pathetic, he had a knife! you can’t use a baton to his arms to disable him? I mean break his arm by all means the man will still be alive, in a lot of pain but alive atleast. I think some law enforcement especially in cities have been desensitized to killing, can’t speak for all of the police of course. I understand it’s a scary job sometimes. I feel horrible for the guys boyfriend.

    • Moron Detector

      I see that you have never been involved in a knife fight. The distance that is considered to be safe in a knife attack is 26 feet. Used to be 21 feet. What that means is that for the time for your brain to recognize the threat and to react to it, someone with a knife would have covered the 26 feet before you can react.

  • Shilla

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