Skydiver suffers seizure mid-fall

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PERTH, Australia — A video posted to YouTube showing a man having a seizure while skydiving has more than 2.5 million views since being posted on Saturday.

The  video shows the man’s instructor trying to grab a hold of him in free-fall to deploy the parachute.

Christopher Jones, 22,  of Perth, taking skydiving lessons when he made the jump in November.  His instructor told the Australian Broacasting Corpoation that Jones seemed fine when he jumped from the plane, but halfway through the dive he had a seizure and rolled onto his back.

The instructor managed to get hold of Jones and pulled his rip cord.

Jones had to fill out  a questionnaire stating that he did not have an illness or condition such as epilepsy that would make skydiving dangerous, chief instructor Robin O’Neill told ABC.

“(Christopher’s) treating specialist wrote a letter specifically saying he was fit for skydiving,” Mr O’Neill said. “Obviously he wasn’t… That was the end of his skydiving career.”