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What color is this dress?

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There’s a debate surrounding this dress. Some people see it as gold and white, and others see it as black and blue.

What do you see? Chances are, the person next to you sees something different.

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    • Joe

      Weird. Just printed a copy, and it looked blue and black. Looked back at the monitor, and that one looked blue and black as well.

  • Miran N.

    I initially saw the violet and brown version. However, I next could see the dress as its natural blue and black. Looking away and back several times, the image went back and forth. What does that say about the way my eyes work?

  • Olga arroyo

    I think the camara changes the the color the dress looks like I say that because online it looks black and blue and on TV it looks gold and white . it depends on the lenses it on the Canada. However I also think it mite be a trick.

  • Richard

    Freudian says:
    Is This Dress Blue And Black Or White And Gold?
    1. If you see : Blue & Black, You are a “Seer” You see the truth in all things, and neither shadow nor forked tong can deceive you.
    2. If you see : Blue & Gold, You are a “Seeker” You seek out the truth, but are leery about what you are told and see.
    3. If you see : White & Gold, You are a “Lie Detector” You can see the lies in all things, but what you do with this knowledge speaks to your character.
    4. If you have seen : Blue/Black & White/Gold, You are a “Oracle” You see both Lies and the truth, but telling them apart is a skill you have to develop.
    5. If you have seen : It change before your eyes, You are a “Mastermind” You also see both the lies and the truth in all thing, but you have no problem knowing the difference between the two.

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