North Park stabbing victim speaks from hospital bed

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NORTH PARK, Calif. -- A San Diego man is recovering after he was almost stabbed to death at a bar in North Park.

“And right here is where he almost got me, that would’ve killed me,” said Tim Caudill as he pointed to his jugular.

The attack was reported Wednesday night at The Eagle bar on the 3000 block of North Park Way, police said.

The 28-year-old said his attacker came out of nowhere, first being verbally aggressive, then taking out a knife. Caudill, a Marine Corps veteran, fought back.

“Threw him up against the bar and I grabbed him…tried to wrestle the knife away from him…and he put the knife in his other hand and just started going at me,” said Caudill, who was stabbed several times.

People at the bar stepped in and restrained the man police identified as 29-year-old Homer Rubio, who was also taken to the hospital to be treated for a wound. Rubio suffered no life-threatening injuries.

He was arrested and charged for assault with a deadly weapon, police said.

This attack comes on the heels of a new San Diego Police Crime Report showing a rise in violent crimes in North Park.

But the rise in the number of reported violent attacks doesn’t likely mean these types of crime are up, said San Diego City Councilman Todd Gloria, who represents North Park.

“Doesn’t necessarily mean that those crimes didn’t exist before it just happens to be that we know about them,” said Gloria, who believes more residents are now reporting crime after growing concerns and law enforcement outreach, following a string of violent attacks against women over the summer of 2014.

Police have not said whether Wednesday’s stabbing is tied to any other violent crimes reported or if it’s just an isolated incident.

“It’s incidents like this that remind us that we have to keep going out and patrolling our neighborhoods,” said Eddie Ray with the Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol.

“I’m lucky. I’m very lucky,” said Caudill.

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  • Mike Little

    With all due respect to Mr. Gloria, it really does not matter if the numbers MAY be cantered slightly because more people are reporting, as a resident of the North Park area since 1990, and a victim of a violent crime in 2009, I can tell you that more people are reporting more violent crime in North Park because there IS more violent crime in North Park.

    • Howard Kahn

      That has to be the stupidest comment by a politician I have ever heard. I wonder if the stats showed a decrease in crime if Mr. Gloria would announce there wasn’t necessarily a decrease. A better response may have been to try and do better. I hope the people of San Diego remember these kinds of comments at election time.

  • Laurel

    North Park is a great community with plenty to offer San Diegans. We would like to feel safe walking at night, going in and out of businesses. Can we put this guy away for a while? This was a brutal attack, and I feel there should be more street lighting and patrol cars passing through so these violent psychos will slink away into the cracks and go away. We all have phones. Let’s report the creeps.

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