Woman finds lost heirloom wedding ring thanks to social media

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A woman who lost her $15,000 wedding ring has Facebook to thank for getting it back.

“I never thought I’d see it on my finger ever again,” the ring’s owner Alycea Chandler told KFOR.

After she unknowingly left the family heirloom behind at Club One15 in Oklahoma City’s Bricktown neighborhood, she posted a picture on Facebook that spread far beyond Oklahoma.

“It was on my hand,” said Chandler. “I don’t know if it happened when I was washing my hand in the restroom, or taking money out of my pocket…I have no idea.”

It wasn’t until Saturday she realized the ring was gone.

“I honestly didn’t notice, my husband noticed,” said Chandler. “I was in shock.”

But her ring was safe, locked in a safe in Bricktown. One of the workers had found it on the ground.

“We followed procedure, took it, put it in the safe,” said Adam Coury, General Manager of Club One15. “That was about the last thing I had heard about it until today actually.”

He heard about it through Chandler’s post that caught fire on Facebook.

“I thought it was a long shot, I knew some of my closest friends would share it for me,” she said.

The post was shared more than 2,500 times in Oklahoma and nearby states, reportedly shared even in the UK, and ultimately made its way back to Adam’s feed.

“I got a message from this lady…she said, ‘Hey, I heard you may have a ring,’” said Coury.

The ring was returned to Chandler Monday. For her, it’s truly a ring that cannot be replaced.

“I have something to pass on to my son someday, from his grandfather that he never got to meet,” said Chandler. “That means the world to us.”

She said she is now considering leaving it at home in her own safe.

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