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Southwestern College student recants Ebola story

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- Southwestern College officials said the student, who prompted the Ebola scare causing students to be quarantined Thursday, recanted her story .

The student recanted her the claim that she had been possibly exposed to Ebola, school officials announced on Twitter Thursday afternoon.

Students were quarantined Thursday as a precaution after a student at the school reported possible exposure to  Ebola.

A female student reported that her sister exhibited flu-like symptoms and had been hospitalized after the family recently traveled to the Midwest, officials said. That information prompted campus police to quarantine the students and staff who came in contact with the woman in an interior courtyard of the building.  Seven other students who entered the classroom after it had been emptied were also moved to the courtyard.

In all, about 50 students were prevented from leaving the building while campus authorities investigated the situation, Southwestern College police Chief Michael Cash told reporters.

Campus nurses examined the woman who reported the possible Ebola exposure and determined that she did not have any symptoms of Ebola, school officials  said. They reported their findings to county health officials, who verified that there are no known cases of patients with Ebola symptoms anywhere in the county. Based on that information, school officials lifted the quarantine at about 1 p.m.

"Now, we are releasing our students, and we are back to normal operations," Cash said.

Cash said campus officials were still interviewing the woman who originally prompted the scare, and officials had taken down the contact information of all the people who had been in the classroom with her or after her.


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