Ebola fears send stock market, airline industry into tailspin

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SAN DIEGO — Word of nurse Amber Vinson, who has been diagnosed with the Ebola virus, flying in a commercial flight from Cleveland to Dallas, brought fears to Wall Street.

The stock market dropped more than 400 points Wednesday morning before it rallied back before the end of the day with the airline industry taking a big blow.

Stock prices for American, Delta and United Airlines all dropped.

Investment Manager Robert Gaan says the stock market tumble is based on emotions.

“Today was a very dramatic day, but there’s a saying in our business, that saying is ‘in the short term, markets are driven by emotion, long term markets are driven by fundamentals,” said Gaan.

Gaan says overall, the stock market and the airlines should be okay in the long run.

As a way to ease people’s fears, the F.A.A. is considering placing 76 health workers on the “do not fly list.” These are employees who work at the Dallas hospital where a man died of Ebola and two of his nurses got infected.