Mom-to-be’s epic reaction to ultrasound goes viral

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(CNN) — Ashley and Tyson Gardner tried unsuccessfully for years to get pregnant.

Finally, the Utah couple learned in July that their first in-vitro fertilization attempt was successful. But the real surprise came during the ultrasound, when they learned she was pregnant with quadruplets.

Luckily, a friend was in the room to capture the look on Gardner’s face in a picture that is delighting parents, moms-to-be and just about anyone else who has a heart.

A BabyCenter article on the picture was shared 2,600 times from its Facebook page, drawing nearly 15,000 likes. In the past week, the Gardners’ Facebook page, where they share news about their pregnancy, grew by nearly 16,000 likes to 25,000.

Ashley Gardner shared some thoughts via email with CNN about her experience with infertility and becoming an internet sensation.

CNN: What other methods did you try before IVF?

Ashley Gardner: We tried EVERYTHING under the sun. We tried for 8 long years (taking a few months of here and there to keep our sanity!) our efforts included, diet, a surgery on my end (laparoscopy), medications then onto 4 fails IUI’s and then we saved up for IVF and BAM! It worked really really really REALLY well!

CNN: What made you decide to start sharing your journey on Facebook?

Gardner: So about a year and a half ago I decided to open up about our infertility struggles. It was getting hard getting asked ALL THE TIME why I didn’t have children yet. I was sick of making excuses for something that was out of my control and emotionally affecting me so much. I opened up and couldn’t believe the outpouring support I started getting from EVERYONE! Even people I didn’t know. It was an amazing feeling to not be hiding this awful disease of infertility anymore and openly talking about it! I found that so many others were going through the same thing! And I’ve since been able to help so many others struggling and feeling so alone during this heartbreaking journey.

As for our Facebook page, my awesome sister Whitney set that up for me when we announced that we were having quads. We just announced on our private pages to our friends and family and the picture was so priceless that everyone started sharing it and we started getting hundreds of friend requests from people we didn’t know. So we did the Facebook page so that everyone can follow our story and we can still keep our personal Facebook pages for ourselves.

CNN: Do you remember what was going through your mind when you found out you had quads?

Gardner: “OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!” I couldn’t think straight! I had never been so excited and terrified in the same instant. We waited so long to have babies so we were so happy… But at that time we literally had NEVER even thought once about this being a possibility. We didn’t know anything about having quads and the risks that go with it. But overall, we were just excited!!!! My husband is the oldest of 10 children so he is ready to take on anything! He can calm any baby and entertain any kid. They love him. He is the favorite uncle to all our nieces and nephews. We are ready! Our doctors say that everything is in our favor for this going great. Doesn’t mean it won’t be hard. But we can handle it!

CNN: Dumb question: Were you surprised?

Gardner: YES!!!! After eight long, heartbreaking years of infertility and every month passing by with a negative pregnancy test you do get discouraged! You hold on to as much hope as you can and sometimes you lose it. But you dust yourself off get up and try again!

My endometriosis (cause of our infertility) was so bad that we found during the IVF process that it had compromised my eggs. Out of all the eggs they got they all started dying off and left us with 1 perfect egg and one good egg. They put both back to give me the best odds of one sticking so we would at least get one baby out of this since I didn’t have any eggs to freeze and this was probably our last shot at this. The chances of even getting one to stick was 40%. To have both stick and both split… well, that’s a 1 in 70 million chance!

It was meant to be!

CNN: Do you have any idea how the photos got picked up and started going “viral”?

Gardner: Only thing I can think of is what I stated above. People loved the announcement picture so much they shared it and it just kept going.

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  • PixiTrix

    This story would have been better if it didn’t give away the ending. Having been there and done that (though in less time and through slightly different methods) you walk around numb for the first few weeks. Then you spend the rest of your pregnancy crossing your fingers that it “sticks.” Had 3 miscarriages before finally having triplets.

  • Autumn

    Congratulations!!!!!! God heard your prayers and answered abundantly. I feel sure you will enjoy each moment, what a blessing each will be. Enjoy a quick babymoon before they get here, it may not be an option for about 20yrs. LOL

  • Beth

    I want to congratulate this couple. However, I can’t help but keep thinking they could’ve adopted a child in need instead. It would cost less than raising 4 babies and would change a child’s life. Either way, good luck to them and wish them the best in everything.

    • Shirlz

      Everyone’s choices are different and they need to be respected for that. I’m sure if this wouldn’t have worked to have one of their own (NOT saying an adopted child does not become one of a couple’s own children), they would have looked at adoption as an option.

    • mommalibertea

      Problem is that it’s insanely expensive and difficult to adopt. The rules and regulations are insane. In some states, you can’t adopt unless you own a home or if you have the tiniest blemish on your record. Your whole life is out under a microscope. You can be rejected or spend years waiting for a child, not to mention the possibility of a mother changing her mind or some other obstacle resulting in heartbreak. That’s why a lot of couples simply opt for in vitro. It sucks. It should be easier to adopt a child but excessive government mucks up everything it touches.

    • Rachelle

      Here is a sensitivity tip: Never, ever, say “Have you thought about adoption?” to someone struggling with infertility. Unless you have adopted a child and can offer some personal insight into the process, do not go there. Adoption is very expensive, complicated, emotional, and in the end the birth parents can change their mind. When our third IVF was not successful, we began the adoption process. But after two months the teenage birth parents decided we were not right for them, probably because we were too much like their parents due to our age. It was devastating to be judged “not good enough.” It was easier to return to all of the humiliating physical probing of IVF than go through that again. On our fifth IVF we used donor eggs and were blessed with a beautiful daughter.

    • Annisa

      Why even point out that they could have adopted? It’s a little judgemental. Sometimes people don’t want to adopt. It doesn’t make them bad people. A simple congrats would have sufficed.

  • Madelyn Alcazar

    Congratulations to all six of you! Please keep us updated on your journey. Even though we could not have children, it warms my heart to hear of other women who have struggled to have the chance to finally be a family. Good luck to you!! :)

  • Bobbie

    My daughter and husband went the fertility route after 3 yrs. of trying and now have 14 yr. old quads. (2 boys and 2 girls) Such joy and blessings! Perfectly healthy after being born at 30 wks weighing 3.5, 2.10, 1.15 & 1.8.

  • Kathy

    So awesome, Congrats!! Both my boys are fertility babies and doing great at 14 and 10…
    Enjoy this time!!

  • Dina

    Wow!!!! This is fantastic news!!! I am soooo Happy for this couple!!! They really deserve happiness and much more!!! I really hope and pray that other couples that are trying forever to have a beautiful baby as well. Enjoy your 4 bundles of Joy!!! Like they always say !! NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

  • Deeds

    So very happy for them! We also were blessed with our little girl through the miracle of IVF. She is the best kid ever and is worth every penny spent and every poke and prod. Just a tip for those starting IVF: When you do the shots into your tummy, ice the area first. It makes it so there is less bruising and that spot recovers quicker from the soreness. If you don’t, after doing the shot into the tummy every day for quite a few days, you run out of tummy space! The ice makes it recover faster so you can return to that spot within a couple days. Good luck to all those hoping for a similar happy ending!

  • kathy

    Congrats!! i was a surrogate for a couple that couldn’t have there own due to medical issues, they were blessed with 2 twin boys!! born at 40 weeks 6.3 and 5.9. the joy i get to see on there face is more of a blessing than i ever imagined!! good luck with your new family. blessings!!

  • JoLynn

    Congrats! My husband and I also traveled the long road of infertility. My treatment story is very similar to yours. I am so excited for you and your precious family! Our success story is that we finally went the route of Adoption, at the suggestion of our awesome doctor. We now have 2 crazy and handsome little boys that we love to pieces. Good Luck and Best Wishes! You’ll be Amazing Parents! :)

  • Gina

    Congratulations!!! Having gone through over 7 + years of Infertility treatments & 9 IVFs I get this!!! I don’t have quads, but I do have my miracles! Wishing them a fabulous , healthy , pregnancy. !

  • shadi khamis

    My wife and I went thru same thing we were trying for 11 years and never happens we had one miscarriage at the beginning and then it just never happens we tried so many doctors and they all told us it will never happens…. so 5 months ago I met a doctor at my doctors appointment and he gave me a phone number for another doctor for IVF and he told me he is the best so yeah me and my wife set up an appointment and we start doing all the test everything look good I feel sorry for my wife taking all these medicine and all these shot s on her stomach the kitchen table was full of medicine so after everything we went in for eggs retrieve and are luck they took out 25 healthy eggs after that we had to wait one week at that point when it came the time to do the ivf we only had left 9 eggs so we used 2 of them inside my wife and we froze the rest for the future and now my wife is pregnant 9 weeks it was the happiest time in my whole life when doc called us and told us u are positive we were crying like lil baby’s after 11 years finally happens……
    So congrats to u guys I know how u feel cuz we just went thru same thing u guys did……I never imagined my self as a guy to cry so much. ……. Hanne l have a blessing days to all of us. …….

  • Laura

    I appreciate the joy of becoming your parents but fertility treatments are disgusting and unnatural. I don’t understand why people say that God had a hand in this.

    • Victoria

      Are you serious? What a cruel and degrading thing to say. Saying that God didn’t want this couple to have children is rude and shows how ignorant you are.

  • MayaPapaya

    Congratulations to you guys!!!! Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy, easy labor, healthy babies and speedy recovery. God bless you all!

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