Car plows into group of Fiesta Island bicyclists

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A wrong-way driver plows into cyclists riding along Fiesta Island.

SAN DIEGO — A wrong way driver suspected of being under the influence of drugs crashed into a group of bicyclists Tuesday evening on Fiesta Island, leaving one rider with broken bones and internal injuries and seven others less severely hurt.

The 49-year-old woman driving the Geo Prism that plowed through the group of 20 riders shortly before 6:30 p.m. in the 1000 block of Fiesta Island Road was also injured, San Diego police Officer Dino Delimitros said.

The driver is expected to face drugged driving charges on her release from a hospital, Delimitros said. Her name was not immediately released.

Of the eight riders who were injured, one suffered broken ribs, a fractured vertebrae and internal injuries, Delimitros said. The other seven riders sustained minor to moderate injuries, he said.


  • Mikey

    Surprised those cyclists beat the leaving sh*t out of her! They get crazy when you get in there way!

    Apparently those spandex sponsors give them badges!

  • Fred

    She thought it was legal to drink and drive on Fiesta Island.

    Since the city folded to OMBAC about alcohol at OTL she thought she could bring her own.

  • Nicole

    This story sounds like a horrible situation but all of these comments bring up a great point. Cyclists need to start being more careful and following the rules of the road.

    • Devin

      Nicole, in the absence of a bike lane, a cyclist is allowed to occupy the FULL LANE, and cars must slow down and may only pass when safe to do so and may not "buzz" the cyclist. Most of us cyclists try to "share the road" and not take the full lane unless we have to (e.g. if there are cars parked along a 2-lane road). This of course is a moot point in this situation, as the driver of the car was DRUNK and driving the WRONG WAY around Fiesta.

  • Sensible Sam

    Did any of you even read the article? It says "A wrong-way driver…" as the very first line! How does this even come close to being the cyclists fault?

    Of course cyclists are outraged at drivers, most of them have their heads up their asses or in their cell phones. For a driver, hitting a cyclist is like hitting a speed bump. For a cyclist, hitting a car is near deadly experience every time. Shame on you all.

  • No bikes on road

    Cyclist should not be allowed on the roads. There are parks and trails to ride on. Nothing pisses me off more that some jacko** on his bike thinking that he runs the road and will not move over when there are cars that are trying to get around him on a narrow road.

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