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Plane crashes in Costco parking lot

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SAN DIEGO – A 78-year-old woman died and another woman was seriously injured after a small plane crashed into a Costco shopping center parking lot in Kearny Mesa Wednesday evening, according to authorities.

plane crash near Costco

A single-engine Mooney M20L bounced while landing at Montgomery Field around 5:25 p.m., continued westbound and crashed in the 7000 block of Othello Avenue in the Costco Business and Target parking lot, according to FAA spokesman Ian Gregor.

Both victims were transported to Sharp Memorial Hospital, where the 78-year-old woman died, San Diego police said. Her name was withheld until her family could be notified.

Plane crash at Costco parking

A man waiting for his girlfriend to get off work from Target told Fox5 he saw the plane hit a light fixture near the Target store and crash into the parking lot.  He said people armed with fire extinguishers ran toward the wreckage, where black smoke was pouring out of it.

The man said the two women were conscious at the scene, but looked “pretty beat up” from the crash.


The FAA and NTSB will investigate the accident.


  • Trevor Collins

    The plane had just taken off and barely flew over the freeway, maybe 40 or 50 feet above it when it made a left bank turn and then crashed into the Costco parking lot.

  • SerraMesaBill

    Shout out to the Pilot, hope a great recovery to all. It appears the pilot had both skill and luck on his / her side today. If the plane had not hit the roof of the building it likely would have landed on vehicles in the parking lot, which would have had far more tragic results. Fox 5 News Man mentioned he provided new coverage for a similar plane crash over 20 years ago on Balboa Ave where it landed at a "FED Mart Store. To the best of my knowledge as a resident of Serra Mesa for 56 years, The Target Store where this crash occurred today is the old Fed Mart Store, and I believe the plane that crashed on Balboa Ave more then 20 years ago landed on an Advantage Store next to 805, But maybe there was more then 1 small plane crash on Balboa Ave.

  • Don Perkins

    The woman who died lived three doors away from me. She and her 86 year old husband give a party each year to welcome newcomers to our cul-de-sac, and her husband gives tennis lessons to my 6 year old son for free. He is devastated. She would always stop her car, roll down her window and chat with me when the opportunity arose. I'm saying this in hopes that others who want to joke about this terrible tragedy in this comment section will not do so.

  • Janie

    These small planes need to be banned because ther are just too many news stories about them crashing on people's homes, on highways, etc. They allow any incompetent jerk to fly one it seems. Enough already!

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