Escondido cop killer had $100K hidden away

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ESCONDIDO, Calif. — Prosecutors say Freddy Perez, accused of killing his wife, who was an Escondido Police Officer, had almost $100,000 stashed in a storage facility. The money was discovered when officers found the body of Perez’s wife, Laura.

She was a rookie police officer with Escondido P.D.

Freddy Perez-Rodas kills escodido cop wifeDetectives say she was shot to death by Perez before he took the body to the storage facility. They also allege he then set fire to their Murrieta home to cover his tracks.

Perez reportedly admitted to the murder and setting the fire during questioning. But at his arraignment Friday afternoon in Murrieta, he pleaded not guilty.

Meanwhile, back at the Escondido Police headquarters, they continue to mourn the loss of Officer Laura Perez who had been with the department less than a year.

“I’ll never forget the smile on her face, this was an individual that showed up to work every single day with a smile,” said Escondido Police Chief Craig Carter.

Chief Carter said a memorial is planned in honor of Officer Perez although the date has not been set. It will be held in Riverside where she was from.

A trust fund has been set up to help the officer’s four year old daughter and her family. Those who want to contribute are asked to drop off donations at the Escondido Police Department located on Centre City Parkway just north of the 78 freeway. People may also contact the Escondido Police Officers Association to donate.


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  • Fred

    KTLA? What’s wrong with them? Tired of people speaking their minds? This is the place to rant or say something nice to the family of the slain officer. I feel bad for her and her family. But why did this person have a $100,000 stuffed away and where did it come from? Mowing lawns or washing cars didn’t get him $100,000. Now drugs on the other hand. That’s where I’m thinking it was from. What happened here? Did the police officer figure out her husband was a dope dealer so he killed her? I have many questions about this shady character.

    • ᙓᔕᙅO

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      The system we have here on KSWB is about to change into what KTLA has today and commenting will be mainly on WordPress. Probably by the end of this week this comment system will be gone and you will have to sign in to comment or reply.

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  • Know the Law

    $100,000 is a sign of drug proceeds. Chances are he was high on something when murder happened.
    To all the uneducated posters. America is a republic and RULE OF LAW is the game. The man is entitled to a trial.

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