Baby killed in fall from 3rd-story window

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. – An 11-month old girl fell to her death Monday evening in Chula Vista. It happened at about 6:45PM at the Teresina apartment complex on Santa Cora Avenue.

“The neighbors called us saying parents were screaming their child had fallen from the 3rd floor,” said Lt. Fritz Reber, Chula Vista Police Department.

Lt. Reber said both parents were home at the time. The father was apparently watching the baby girl who was playing on the bed.


“The child was on a bed that was situated up against the wall near a window,” said Reber. “She fell towards the screen of the window.”

The screen ripped from the weight of the baby and she fell 3 stories to the ground.

“Falls are a major cause of brain injury,” said Renee Douglas, Manager of the Trauma Center at Rady Children’s Hospital. “When it’s getting warm out we see kids falling out of 2nd story windows.”

Last year 61 children were treated for 2nd story falls at the children’s hospital, compared to 67 in 2012.

“We’ve had significant severe injuries in the last two years this is the first death we’ve had.

“The father was nearby and only looked away for a second,” said Lt. Reber.

It was in that split second, tragedy struck.

“The father noticed the child was missing, looked out the window and ran downstairs,” said Reber.

The father did his best to revive the child, as well as officers who responded.

“Two of our officers did CPR on the child for 7 or 8 minutes until medical staff arrived,” said Reber. “CPR was continued on the child while she was life flighted to Children’s and she was pronounced dead.”

Investigators talked to witnesses and also collected evidence.

“At this point, all indications are it’s just a tragic accident,” said Lt. Reber.

Douglas said it’s important to remember accidents like this can be prevented.

“Keep all the beds couches away from the windows and install window guards and window stops to keep those windows from opening more than 4 inches.”

Family Protection Unit officials were investigating the incident.


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