Inexpensive security system catches thief in action

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SAN DIEGO – A College Area man has caught a thief red-handed with a creative and low budget security system.

Several packages were taken from the porch of Rob Johnson who lives in the Mohawk neighborhood Wednesday afternoon.

“Just as I suspected someone had walked onto the porch saw the packages,” said Johnson.

Johnson was expecting several packages on Wednesday. He tracked the packages and found out they were supposed to be delivered around 2 p.m.

“I got home and didn’t see them and automatically went to my email,” said Johnson.

Sure enough there was an email complete with images of a unfamiliar man on Johnson’s porch. The email is from an application on Johnson’s phone. Together with a simple web camera hidden on the porch, Johnson is able to have surveillance at his fingertips.

“The camera is only $50 or $60 and the app is free,” said Johnson.

“We’ve already assigned a case number, and we’re looking into it,” said Lt. Kevin Mayer, San Diego Police Department.

Mayer said while the theft is under investigation, the surveillance system Johnson had in place was perfect.

“Obviously surveillance footage showing a suspect perfect for us. It helps us identify who committed the crime and provides valuable evidence,” said Mayer.

Mayer said it’s always a good idea to guard yourself, because package thefts are becoming more common.

In addition to the investigation, Johnson also posted pictures of the perpetrator on social networks.

“In case anyone happens to recognize the person,” said Mayer.

He’s also giving a shout out to his simple security system.

“Get a camera, I think they’re great. You never know who’s going to be watching,” Johnson said. “In this case, it’s already paid for itself three times over.”

If you recognize the suspect in the pictures or have information regarding the crime, please contact the San Diego Police Department.


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