Students create mural for deaf, blind classmate

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SAN DIEGO – A group of sixth graders in Clairemont used art as a method healing after one of the classmates passed away.

The students at Lafayette Elementary School crafted a 60-foot-long mural comprised of handmade blocks to spelling out a Helen Keller quote in Braille.

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt within the heart.”

The mural was made in remembrance of Yusra, who was a fellow deaf and blind fifth grader at Lafayette. Last summer, she passed away from health issues.

“Yusra was my friend and I really miss her,” said Sebastian Gonzalez, a 6th grader at Lafayette.

“This mural is to honor Yusra, because we all miss her so much. The students said they wanted to make sure Yusra’s spirit lived on.”

The kids came up with the idea of the mural with the help of their teachers, faculty and “ARTS” organization.

“The kids really put their heart into it. A lot of amazing things can be revealed when you spend time doing art with kids,” said Rob Tobin, an artist with “ARTS” organization.

The art work was done so that kids who can’t see can still feel it.

“She really tried to get to know people to see what they are inside. She tried to feel it with her heart,” said Jessie Soto, Yusra’s classmate.