Hackers probably have your personal information

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SAN DIEGO – A fatal flaw in the feature responsible for keeping email, banking, shopping, passwords and more private on the Internet was detected, security researchers announced Wednesday.

Computer%20TypingAs many as 80 percent of San Diegans, who made online purchased or other transactions in the last two years, have probably had their personal information lifted by hackers, an informational systems expert said.

Sensitive data may have been compromised by the “Heartbleed bug” after Secure Socket Layers, or SSL codes, which are designed to secure information, were not so secure after all, the researchers said.

SSL codes are used by most merchants and that’s why this problem is so widespread. To make matters worse, the bug has gone undetected for two years,

“Don’t wait for your bank, for Amazon, other companies to send you a letter saying you’re safe, they are not… monitor your credit card and bank statements, that’s the only way you’re going to catch if someone has your information,” said to Murray Jennex, a San Diego State University Informational Systems professor.

The problem is being worked on, but until it’s fixed people are asked to change their passwords right away and then again in a few days.


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