Tijuana cop accused of smuggling drugs

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RIVERSIDE, Calif. — A Tijuana municipal police officer is expected to be arraigned in federal court Wednesday on drug trafficking charges.

Bizarre Border Busts

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Noe Raygoza Garcia, 33, was indicted March 27 on federal charges of possessing heroin and methamphetamine for distribution. He was arrested on March 13 on Interstate 15 near the Border Patrol checkpoint north of Temecula after officers saw him driving erratically.

When officers pulled Raygoza over, he told them he was traveling to visit a dying uncle in San Bernardino, but under questioning he couldn’t say where his uncle lived or why he was dying, according to court documents.

The officers searched his car and allegedly found 11 packages of heroin and methamphetamine under the seats of his car. The drugs weighed more than 10 pounds.

Raygoza faces 10 years to life in prison if convicted. He is being held without bail.


  • dailydebacle

    I read they "allegedly found 11 packages of heroin and methamphetamine under the seats of his car". Hmmmm….."Allegedly"? So, is that an "alleged" picture of the "alleged" drugs. Looks like somebody is allegedly covering their behind with the reporting.

    • Esco

      It's astounding how much money is lost in these busts but the suppliers just try again and lose more and more.

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