Saying hello to New York and New Jersey

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We’re wrapping up the ‘Road to the Big Game’, but kicking off our special Super Bowl coverage from New York/New Jersey.

I’m one day away from getting to Manhattan and I can tell you the city will be a welcome break. We’ve been on the road for almost a week and we’re ready to hang out in one city for more than one night. Cameraguy Steve and I had a great time touring the country, though.

We did it the right way! On the company’s dime! Seeing the country the way we did is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Every city we visited rolled out the red carpet. I know people like to say that there are kind people in this part of the country and mean people in that part of the country. We met a ton of really nice people in every city we visited.

The trip wasn’t without its challenges. We almost ran out of gas in the Nevada desert, and our drive to New Orleans was definitely cursed. We stopped at a restaurant along the way in Louisiana that had amazing food, it just took forever to get it. That set us back almost two hour. When we approached the city, a car accident blocked one lane and caused a backup for miles. After shooting our story in record time, we weren’t getting the cell service we needed to send our story back to San Diego. We eventually got the story in, but we were exhausted by the time we did.


With that day behind us, we left New Orleans optimistic that our next day would be better. I stopped for breakfast/lunch at Central Grocery in the French Quarter. If you’ve never had a muffaletta sandwich, you gotta try one. The olive salad takes it to a new level, soaking into the bread with time.


Our next stop was college football country. Auburn, Alabama is a cool little town that reminds me of Davis. It has a small downtown with a great vibe. We found out the town gets beyond pumped for the BCS National Championship Game, like you might imagine Denver getting pumped for the Super Bowl.

Sports Anchor Jordan Whitley told us we should stop and have lunch with her dad while we were there, but she didn’t know we would be including him and her grandma in the story. Both of them are so proud of her, so it was great to give Jordan an on-air hello from her family.

Now it’s onto New York and New Jersey. I say New Jersey, but almost all of the events are happening in New York. All week we’ll be live in Times Square and outside the stadium on Super Bowl Sunday.

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