Texas town may be familiar to San Diegans

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  • Susan Wilson

    Enjoyed your story on Lamesa. I lived in San Diego (Imperial Beach) for 10 years, since my husband was in the Navy. But, Texas is home. When my husband's ship changed homeport to Japan, the family couldn't go because of the length left in his enlistment. So, the kids and I moved back to Lamesa, where I had taught before marriage. When the military came to pick up our stuff to move us, they just sent a little covered truck. That should have been a sign of what was to happen next. We got to Lamesa and waited and waited and waited for our stuff. Turns out they had moved it down the road to a La Mesa warehouse and it was sitting in storage. As you saw, Lamesa is a small town. So, I tell people that I went from visiting Sea World on the weekends to Walmart on the weekends. When I taught 3rd grade here, I had my students write a letter with drawings of our town to a classroom in La Mesa. They sent back drawings of San Diego. Little bit of a cultural difference! We sent pictures of tractors and cotton and La Mesa sent the beach and Sea World.

  • Caryn

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