Mayoral candidates discuss possibility of new Chargers stadium

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Qualcomm StadiumSAN DIEGO – The end of another season always leaves fans of the Chargers with a lot of questions about the future of the team and a new stadium.

Chargers President Dean Spanos said he believes the possibility of a new stadium comes down to the race for San Diego mayor.

“Until you get the mayor in place and we know who it is and what his vision is for the future of San Diego, it’s hard for me to sit here and say, other than we need a new stadium,” Spanos said. “We would like a new stadium and we need the support of the fans and the taxpayers, obviously, to help us get that done.”

Monday Fox 5 spoke with both mayoral candidates about the Chargers’ future and whether they’d support a publicly funded stadium.

“I don’t believe public funds are necessary and it’s important that we bring all creative ideas to the table,” said Kevin Faulconer. “I’m going to roll up my sleeves on a host of issues, primarily our streets and our infrastructure, but we can do multiple things at a time. And I’m confident that if we can put together a plan and a package that protects taxpayers that voters will have the ultimate say, that therein lies the ability to be successful.”

Mayoral candidate David Alvarez had a  similar stance.

“I think we can build a new stadium for the Chargers without using public subsidies,” said Alvarez. “I don’t support that. I think our general fund is already constrained enough. We need to provide fire and police protection, build more parks, make sure our libraries and our roads are up to standards and so that’s where our dollars need to go. I think at the end of the day the voters will need to help decide what the fate is of the Chargers stadium.”

If negotiations moved quickly, Alvarez said he believes a measure could be on the November ballot.

Meanwhile the team has not yet announced whether it will exercise its termination clause with the city for the lease at Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers can do so anytime between February 1 and April 20. If they do, the team is free to relocate.

Mark Fabiani, special counsel to the president of the Chargers, said the team usually waits until the season is over to make a decision and he expects a public announcement sometime in the near future.

Fabiani said the teams’ goal is “to continue to try to find a publicly acceptable way to build a new, Super Bowl quality stadium in the San Diego region.”


  • Guest

    Right answer, anyone wanting the tax payers to pay is out of his mind, let the Chargers do what they did a few years ago, threaten to leave San Diego, my advise is, there is the 5 freeway, use it!

    • PB GEEK

      And what do you say to the 100's of people who would lose their jobs and the billions in revenues the city lose? For someone so concerned about taxes you don't even realize what you're talking about. If you don't like the Chargers that freeway is available for you to use too.

        • Brett

          Are you kidding- the stadium does fill. You hear blackout and you figure it didn't sell out- that means it didn't sell out 72 hours prior to kickoff. Pay attention if your going to talk with the adults

          The city also receives billions of revenue- yes with a B when you account for Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism tax revenue. Especially with a Superbowl that would be practically guaranteed to be here approx every 5 years.

          I do agree the chargers should foot most of the bill but also be able to BORROW $$ through bonds from the city and pay it back with interest

    • Brett

      It wouldn't be bigger- it should actually be smaller (less capacity) like Seattle's, New England's, Indy's, Pittsburgh's etc

      People obviously can afford the games if the stadium is packed- not always sold out BEFORE kickoff however. We live in one of the most expensive cities in the country- people can afford to go to games if there is a good product on the field and better place to watch them

  • Al

    The idea for a new stadium should be for a multi-purpose venue, not just for the Chargers. With the ability to allow for a closed dome when necessary you allow other events to utilize it for events such as the NCAA basketball tournament, political venues and maybe sometime down the line bring a hockey or NBA team back to San Diego. All these things allow an increase in revenue for the city. Not to mention when allowed, major events could be scheduled here as one commented a Super Bowl or a Final Four, both would bring new people to the city and along bring in "new" money. As a taxpayer myself I would not mind helping foot the bill so to speak for a multi-purpose arena. If you're thinking is we already have an arena with Sports Arena you have to be out of you mind it is just as worn down as Qualcomm and traffic is worse there when a venue is taking place. I use to work at the Q and let me tell you that place should be demolished.

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