Chargers player arrested in Gaslamp Quarter

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SAN DIEGO – A San Diego Chargers linebacker was arrested on suspicion of battery Sunday night in the Gaslamp Quarter, according to San Diego police.

Thomas KeiserThomas Keiser, 24, was arrested Sunday at 10:50 p.m. at Barley Mash on Fifth Avenue in downtown San Diego on one misdemeanor count of battery, SDPD said.

According to police, the victim refused treatment for minor injuries.

Police said Keiser was no longer in custody Monday evening.

Alcohol was not a factor in the arrest, police added.

The arrest came just hours after the Chargers miraculously clinched the last playoff spot in the AFC by beating the Kansas City Chiefs 27- 24 in overtime.

The San Diego Chargers released the following statement:

“We’re aware of the issue involving Thomas.  We’ll continue to monitor the situation and let the legal process run its course.”

Keiser was signed by the Chargers in May after playing two seasons with the Carolina Panthers. He was waived by the Chargers Aug. 31 when the team reduced its roster to the regular-season maximum of 53 and signed to the practice squad a day later.

Keiser was promoted to the active roster in October and appeared in 12 games, starting three, including Sunday’s, making 20 tackles and one interception. His 4.5 sacks was third on the team and tops among linebackers.


  • JT2

    I know it's not good to assume anything, but the Gaslamp has turned into a total dbag wannabe tough guy hangout over the years. Something tells me this guy mouthed off to the wrong mfer, and Keiser put the guy in his place. He probably refused treatment because the biggest thing that got hurt was his pride.

  • The Ted

    I could care less for his post-game shenanigans, but this line needs addressing: "…Chargers miraculously clinched the last playoff spot…" Miraculously, like the Resurrection or Parting of the Red Sea; the Chargers narrowly and undeservedly defeated a team which fielded 20 backups! Are the Chargers so pathetic that it required an Act of God to beat backups? Better dust off your Rosary beads for the Bengals!

    • Fred

      The Ted? A little full of yourself aren't you??

      Now I can see where your BS statement comes from. LOL

      You are just a freakin idiot!

  • JT2

    Thanks for the insight Ted. Typical, another dbag transplant that hates the local teams. Well we hate you. Go back to where you came from.


    What likely happened is this guy celebrates with friends, gets surrounded and tries to leave, walks out the bar and knocks over a drunk ass guy. People start booing and creating a scene, cops talk to him, he says he was leaving, they see the other guy is drunk, and news is made.

    BAM, lets go chargers no one is safe

  • JimBeam

    Barley mash sucks, the security is just looking for a fight all the time. Smallest thing you do will get you looked at weird. Problem is all the girls come there so you have to put up with that stupid shit.

    They’ll change names on two years.

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