Joseph McStay’s father criticizes San Diego Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

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McStay family snapshot

SAN DIEGO- The father of murder victim Joseph McStay is criticizing the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department for its investigation into the McStay family disappearance.

The bodies of two adults were found Thursday in the desert outside Victorville, California and dental records confirmed they were the elder McStays. The bodies of two children were also found, presumed to be the McStay children. Investigators said they were all the victims of homicide.

The family had disappeared February 10, 2010.

Patrick McStay spoke to Fox 5 by phone Friday from his home in Texas. He said he always suspected foul play and never believed Joseph, his wife Summer, and their sons, Gianni and Joseph, were in Mexico.

McStay said he believes the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department failed to search for the truth.

“It just seemed that everything they were doing was done in a narrative just to solely fit crossing the border into Mexico,” said McStay. “And anything else that was found or discovered they didn’t want to hear it.”

Patrick McStay said he launched his own personal investigation after his family’s disappearance. He said he found inconsistencies with the Sheriff’s Department’s findings. Some of the inconsistency revolved around the family bank accounts.

“They’re out there saying there’s been no activity on their accounts, that everything stopped the day they left. I knew that was blatant lies,” said McStay. “$2000 was taken out on the 6th of February. $2000 was taken out on the 15th of February. Then another $3000 was taken out on the 18th.”

McStay said there were also inconsistencies with the timeframe in which investigators found the family vehicle near the Mexico border. He said he was given conflicting stories.

He believes other evidence was ignored that could lead to the killer or killers, though he declined to say who or whom he might suspect.

“You start looking at the condition of the house, how it was found, and you start finding criminal backgrounds records of people,” said McStay.

Sheriff’s officials disagree and said they exhausted every resource on the case.

“We never stopped investigating this case,” said Jan Caldwell, San Diego County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson. “Never.”

McStay said the new developments in the case leave only more questions.

“Its kind of like one search ends and another one begins,” McStay said. “The only way you keep your sanity is to keep going, because you know you owe it to your children to not quit, to not give up.”

Moving forward, McStay hopes investigators will take a serious look at the case and work until justice is served.

“I just want them found and prosecuted. I want to see that my son and grandchildren get a proper burial,” he said. “I want them to be able to rest.”

McStay said he would always remember his son for being an amazing father to his two grandchildren.

“I wish I could have been half the father he was,” said McStay. “He was just really great.”

McStay said he’d remember his daughter-in-law for the love and dedication she had to the family.


  • Virginia

    This case has always bothered me. I am grateful they found the McStay's. Their family has suffered long enough not knowing where they are. I never thought and still don't think that is the family crossing the border. I think that was a coincidence. And how do you get 4 bodies back across the border to bury them in Victorville? Why would you bother? I doubt that very much. They wouldn't have left the dogs there to starve. Even if they left they would have at least released them into the neighborhood so they had a chance to survive. That alone points to them being gone involuntarily. I can't fathom a reason someone would wipe a family out like that. Deep deep resentment at one of the adults. The kids couldn't have possibly done anything. This does point to someone close to these people. I think it is going to be solved now. I believe that and I also believe we will be shocked when we find out the truth and who this person is. They are right under the cops nose and have been the whole time. Guaranteed. I really think they have already talked to this person. I hope they left their DNA on the McStays and get busted and get the death penalty.

  • guest

    right doubt someone drove the vehicle to SY/border, got on the trolley or was picked up and came back north …. maybe even took the Coaster etc to O'side? then poof!.. gone.

  • Virginia

    Car was parked in a mall too. Not at the border area where I would park if I had kids with me and was just going over for the day.

  • thechurchofchrismartin

    Do you think that Sheriff Gore took a bribe from the Mexican drug cartels to steer this case into it looking like the McStay's disappeared into Mexico? Just like he took a bribe from Jonah Shacknai to steer the Rebecca Zahau case into looking like a "suicide?" I am starting to wonder about who this Sheriff of ours is really a "public servant" of?

    • Get Real

      Seriously, our Sheriff/law enforcement is corrupt. It worries me that the people who are supposed to be protecting us are just as bad as the criminals.

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