Chicken Whisperers make record-setting Flugtag flight

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LONG BEACH, Calif. – A record-setting flight took to the air at the slightly wacky 2013 Red Bull Flugtag in Long Beach over the weekend.

Nearly 110,000 spectators showed up to Rainbow Harbor Saturday to watch 28 teams and witness Flugtag history.

FlugtagThe Chicken Whisperers team, made up of five aerospace and mechanical engineers from Palo Alto, delivered a record setting flight of 258 feet.  They crushed the previous record by 29 feet.

The team’s homemade flying machine was so lightweight they had to add sandbags on its base to prevent it from flying away in the hanger.

Teams of up to five people work for weeks, even months, perfecting their flying machine. Each machine must be homemade, human-powered, less than 28-feet wide and weigh no more than 400 pounds, including the pilot.

San Diego’s team “Top Gun” didn’t quite win the Red Bull Flugtag in Long Beach this weekend, but Maverick got his girl.


One of the team members took the Flugtag stage and purposed to his girlfriend, who was sitting in the stands.  She nodded “yes.”

Top Gun’s F-14 Tomcat dove off the 30-foot platform before flying 39-feet and making a graceful nosedive into the water below.