Mother says baby’s death an accident

SAN DIEGO — The mother of an infant whose death is being investigated as suspicious told FOX5 Friday that her son’s death was a tragic accident.

Homicide detectives were questioning 9-month-old Kevin Machado’s parents after he allegedly fell of a bed Thursday and died at a hospital hours later.

Child’s Death Marked As SuspiciousGuadalupe Ocampo said the incident happened so quickly.  Her baby boy was lying next to her on the bed one minute and the next had crawled off, falling nearly 4-feet and landed on his head.

“The baby fell off the bed and we weren’t able to grab him,” said Ocampo, adding that when she picked him up off the floor his was unconscious.

A friend of Ocampo said she ran out with the baby in her hands screaming for help.

“They were trying to wake up the baby,” said Ocampo, “but he was already turning purple.”

He was taken by ambulance to Rady Children’s Hospital where doctors performed surgery to try and save him.

“He had blood inside of his head,” said Ocampo through her grief. “That’s when doctors said they were going to operate, but he didn’t survive the operation.”

By law, even if it appears to be nothing more than a horrible accident, when doctors encounter this type of injury they must report it to police.

“No one is considered suspects. No one is in custody or detained,” said San Diego police Lt. Mike Hasting. “We are waiting for autopsy to determine if a crime has been committed.”

Adding to Ocampo’s pain, San Diego County Child Protective Services have taken her other five children. She has a court date to learn if she will get them back Tuesday.

Autopsy results are expected to be complete Saturday.

A fund has been set up for anyone interested in helping the family raise money for Machado’s funeral.