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San Diegans brave the hot temps

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heatSan Diego-Hot, humid weather saturated the county today leading people straight to their air conditioning units.  Parts of east county reached well into the 90’s today and dark clouds brewed over the mountains threatening rain.

“We always get hot weather, but it feels muggy,” said Nancy Hemme.

A flash flood warning was in effect for part of the day in the desert and mountain areas.

“I saw 100 degrees on my car temperature today,” said Alpine resident Cheryl Brown.   “It’s the humidity that’s been so hard this year.”

The moisture in the air left many people escaping to the beach to cool off.  Pacific beach was crowded with surfers and beachgoers simply looking for a break from the heat.

“I needed to cook off and surf,” said Katie White.

Cool zones are in place throughout the county allowing people who need air conditioning to use it for free.  Many libraries including ones in Ramona and Lemon Grove are qualified cool zones, but there are hundreds scattered throughout the county that people can use.

“I feel kind of sticky, that’s why I’ve been trying to drink cold milk all day,” said Jesse Cortez.  He and his family found some peace from the sun at Lake Murray.  “All we have is a fan and it doesn’t provide that much air.”


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