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Hooters bans Bob Filner

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SAN DIEGO — Four San Diego-area Hooters restaurants — known for waitresses who wear tight orange shorts and tank tops — have posted signs saying they will not serve San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who is fighting allegations of sexual harassment.

All four locations are owned by Hootwinc, which operates Hooters eateries on the West Coast.

Hooters Bans Filner

Photo from Stephen Puetz via Twitter

“This establishment recognizes that we all have political differences and we serve people from all walks of life,” according to a sign posted in the window of the downtown location on Market Street. “We also believe it is imperative for people to have standards. The mayor of San Diego will not be served in this establishment. We believe women should be treated with respect.”

The decision gained national attention Tuesday afternoon following a tweet by Francis Barraza, executive director for the Republican Part of San Diego County. She was having lunch at the Rancho Bernardo location.

“By the time I’d left lunch there was already stories that were on the Internet,” said Barraza. “So it was kind of shocking that they took that tweet and kind of ran with it.”

Melissa Fry, the marketing director for Hootwinc, said the edict also affects locations in Mission Valley, Oceanside and Rancho Bernardo.

The signs are available for download at the website of national radio and television personality Glenn Beck.

Mike Slater, a talk show host for the station that carries Beck’s radio program, has been urging listeners to post the signs.

There seem to be mixed opinions about the decision to ban Filner.

“I do think it was the right decision,” said Zach Wolfe, San Diego resident. “I hope more restaurants do it to be honest, until he finally gets the point and steps down.”

“It used to be the other way around, innocent until proven guilty,” said Alex Moreno, San Diego visitor. “Now with social networks and the way this wildfire spreads, positive or negative, everyone should definitely wait for the outcome. There are two sides to every story.”

According to the Mike Slater Show signs were also posted at Alvarado Pharmacy near San Diego State, Animal Urgent Care in Escondido, Chrome Collision in Poway. UT San Diego also reported a sign at Vision 8 Financial Services in San Marcos. Of those, only the pharmacy is in the city of San Diego.

The pharmacy may have since removed the sign. A Fox 5 crew stopped by there Tuesday evening and did not see it in the window.


  • Mark

    then I will not eat at hooter's. Talk about discrimination. I do not like Filner either, but he has not been to court and not been found guilty of anything. For a profit making establishment like Hooters to turn away business is nonsense. They will get no more of my money on the west coast or the east coast.

    • The Truth

      Mark, "Where's there's Smoke…"

      Are 14 women making it up? Then look at the "response" "Fingers" Fillner gave to the recall effort. There was nothing in his response refuting his sexual harrassment allegations.

    • Jeff

      Court. He wasn't arrested. Hooters has just done an amazing marketing campaign with this. Any person that thinks women should be respected, will have more respect for this establishment.

      I guess 14 women and counting isn't enough for Mark. I wonder how many it will take for mark to man up and side with respect for women.

    • Janie

      no body eats at hooters-that place is a joke and a relic of the 1980's. Even Filner doesn't go there. Hooter made a fool out of them selves.

  • Len

    Agreed. He hasn’t received due process yet and is innocent until proven guilty. Besides, he’s not a murderer. Until this man is put in jail he should be served. This is a publicity stunt to gain business. Shame on Hooters!

  • The Truth

    Oh no…. Say it isn't so… No more "Wings Wednesday for "Fingers" Filner? Oh… The abomination ! !

  • laughing

    This is the most ridiculous thing I've heard all day! Where are my dolphin shorts and too tight tank top? Time for work!

  • ..sigh...

    Never thought I would see the day where a company who's major selling point is beautiful women wearing next to nothing outfits bans a man who has been accused of alleged harassment. Im absolutely certain that the things some guys do, look at and think of while in this establishment are probably not even close to what Mr. Filner is being accused of.

  • So sad

    What a lousy PR stunt. San Diegans are suffering but Hooters finds a way to get attention. But I guess pride is not something this establishment was built on…

  • Randy Kaplan

    Who is supposed to be more embarrassed here? Conservatives who rightly deplore the double standards of the mainstream media that give Democratic sinners like Filner, Weiner, Spitzer, et al. a pass while Republicans are trashed mercilessly for far less, but are now reduced to applauding the PR stunt of a boobs 'n' beer 'n' bad food chain, and emulating the mindless boycott tactics of that the left tried to play with companies like Chick-Fil-A and states like Florida and Arizona for upholding the law? Or is it the feminists, perhaps the unlikeliest of Hooters bedfellows? Or could there possibly be some dimwit out there still who think that the likes of Weiner and Filner are remotely capable of being moved by shame to modify their behavior, or to leave public life?

    No, don't boycott Hooters because of this stunt, or because Filner hasn't yet been found guilty in a court of law. Just give Hooters as much business as their incredibly crappy products deserve.

    I found myself about 50 miles from home during March Madness, when I badly wanted to watch the basketball games, and I happened to see a Hooters two blocks from the office I had just left. So I reluctantly went there, reminding myself that the salads are the only things that are remotely edible at a Hooters. (I am unable to drink alcohol, so beer isn't an option for me.) To my great surprise, do you know what I found? Hooters now rivals McDonald's as a family dining destination – there must have been more than fifty families with young children in the place, and yes, the boob-flaunting servers nestle their torpedos right up against the kiddies when they sit in the booths to take the orders.

    Now THERE'S a reason to boycott Hooters. Or parents, you tell me.

  • guest

    You people are a bunch of idiots. By focusing on Hooters' uniforms you are condoning Filner's behavior. That's the way people like FILNER think. Just because someone wears a tank top and shorts does not mean the want you to touch, exploit, caress, pat, or put them in a headlock.

  • your momma

    Seems to me that most of these women (except the creepy no panty grannie that does not seem crediable) got upset because they went to an event with gross filner and didn't like it when he tried for a kiss or complimented them.

    Also seems like the robber barens of SD decided to use such a common idea of a gross old guy trying to get a kiss as an excuse to oust filner in order to get their grubby little hands on the $$$$ and freebies filner is keeping them from.

    Also- hooters never said that filner even went there. Just another stupid spectacle.

  • who cares

    who cares? no body goes to hooters anyway except a bunch of street homies. NOBODY cares about what hooters says or does.

  • Mike

    I find what Hooters is doing by not allowing Bob Filner to eat there is SO hypocritical. Hooters claim they don't want Bob Filner to eat there because they don't want him doing anything inappropriate to the waitresses. Hooters feels they want their waitresses to be treated with respect. That really cracks me up due in part Hooters only hires young, beautiful, busty girls who wear skimpy outfits. Hooters makes the bulk of their money off of men who come it and star & drool over the girls. What respect are we talking about? Taking a young girl, dressing her up in short shorts and skin tight tank tops with their boobs pretty much hangin out. This is California, you see one, you see them all the time. What a joke Hooter.s

  • Cheryl

    Imagine that….Hooters, (and what exactly does "hooters" mean), has actually banned a person who is identifed with female harrassment from their establishment. As in the name of their company, what do men, (and some women), go there for if not to gawk at "hooters?" Talk about the irony in that!!! No decent woman would allow herself to dress as provacatively as she is required to dress at "Hooters."
    So, unbelievable. talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!!!

  • thechurchofchrismartin

    Our Mayor does not like grabbing at the Hooters girls anyway, They are too cheap-looking and are caked with grease from the deep-fryer in the Hooters kitchen. Usually if a hottie can't score a job in a stripclub. she ends up waitressing at Hooters. Bob likes to put the Filner headlock on professional ladies that wear suits to work and act all high class.

  • I love ( . Y . )

    The only reason I go to Hooters is because I wanna see some ( . Y . ) not because their food is great. The food is garbage.

  • East Coast

    Something happened to Hooters a few years ago and they changed . They required the girls to be less friendly and made the job simpler; No more" welcome to Hooters" at the door. If they just serve the food like a waitress in a dinner that's OK. It didn't use to be that way they where; they where friendly to all even old ugly guys like me!

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