Governor signs transgender student rights bill

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SAN DIEGO – Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Monday allowing transgender students in California the right to participate in sex-segregated programs, activities and facilities.

Assembly Bill 1266 will take effect on January 1, 2014. The bill allows kindergarten through 12th grade transgender students to use whatever bathroom and participate in sports they believe matches their gender identity.

It’s a big change from what Blue Montana had to do as a student.

Montana, who was born a woman, but now identifies as a man, said he is hopeful for the future of the transgender community.

“I wasn’t that little girl that got up every morning and went to school,” said Montana. “I was a little boy inside that was just trying to be who I was and back in the early 1980s, that wasn’t understood.”

“I couldn’t play football,” said Montana. “I was stuck on the girls’ softball team. Did I want to do that? No. But I didn’t have a choice.”

LGBTAssembly Bill 1266 is not the first of its kind. Massachusetts, Connecticut, Washington and Colorado also have policies to protect transgender youth. California is the first to address the issue for public schools statewide.

“California has been on the leading edge of a number of equality issues for the LGBT community,” said Stephen Whitburn, General Manager of San Diego LGBT Pride. “This is just another example of that. And another reason we as Californians can be proud of the way we treat other people.”

Whitburn said amending a law doesn’t always mean immediate change.

“We hope to see this expand across the country,” said Whitburn. “A law is only a law. While this provides legal protection to these young people, we have to make sure these students and teachers in these schools actually respect that person for who they are. And that’s what the transgender people want just like anybody wants.”

Something Montana and the rest of the LGBT community hope will happen with time.

“I think it’s about changing minds and hearts one at a time and embracing change, equality, and understanding that people are different. Now that they have access to resources [like the LGBT Community Center], it’s easier for the parents to help the kids. I think it will hopefully be easier for society to stand behind the parents to let them raise their child as they were born to be.”

There were many opponents of this bill, including the California Catholic Conference, California Federation of Republican Women and three anti-gay groups. They said this would push the “radical LGBT agenda” onto children through the public school system.

However, LGBT groups said this is a huge step forward for their community.


  • JamesRL

    "Radicle gay agenda"? Equal rights and protections under laws required by the constitution is a radicle agenda? Bigotry, prejudice and wholesale discrimination, now that is a radicle destructive agenda!

    • Gary

      Any society or individual that accepts homosexuality as normal is just as perverted as the person who engages in this sexually depraved, disgusting, abnormal behavior.

  • Mike

    Wow, I wish I could have "felt the need to go into the girls locker room when I was in junior high" and get away with it. What a disgusting state we have become.

    • Guest

      I got a 2 week suspension for doing just that in Jr High School. All I wanted to do was gaze at boobs. Yeah, people don't think young boys will use this as a way to do what I did??? Damn Cali sure is going downhill fast

  • jay

    I’m okay with everything else except the restroom part, means that any male can now go into a females bathroom and claim he is gay… I don’t think its a good idea, specially in the schools, time while tell how this plays out, I hope they have some type of rule of something in mind..

    • CindyMaddy

      Don't worry Jay. This does not mean "any male can now go into a females bathroom and claim he is gay". There's two blatant distinctions here… The first should be obvious, but is more often than not overlooked. Transgender DOES NOT EQUAL gay. Yes, there are some trans-people that are atttracted to the sex they identify with. However, that is not the majority by any means. Believe it or not, most TGs are heterosexual. If you can accept the fact that a male-to-female transperson is considered a female, then technically, her attraction to males is heterosexual, not gay.
      The second reason is along the lines of what you mention… validation. Declaring yourself trans isn't simply putting on the clothes of the opposite gender. And it's definately NOT something a person would flip-flop over (although, some that go full time 'do' regress due to various reasons, but typically after a year or more). I.E., a 'curious' boy just wanting a pass to 'womens world' would have to put on one hell of an act. Considering the social stigma that accompanies transition, I seriously doubt anyone would 'voluntarily' transition for such a frivalous reason.

      • WhatHappenedToUSA

        Yeah, that may be the case but there are no provisos in this legislation for an adult to call b.s. when a 17 year old guy decides to be a girl for a day to watch a 14 year old shower after gym. Think about it.

  • WhatHappenedToUSA

    They need to have a 3rd bathroom available. What about the rights of a girl or boy who doesn't "identify" as LBGT? Why is it that the rights of one special interest group trump those of the rest of us? How many perverted kids are going to use this as an excuse? The things the kids have to deal with already; bullying, online buluing, sexting, sexual situations in junior high, this is not a positive step. How about kids be kids and not worry about sex until they are old enough to know who they actually are. This is another of many reasons my kids are in private school.

  • OldTimer

    This can be confusing to a lot of people.

    Did you hear about the guy who went to a psychiatrist and said: "HELP! I'M A LESBIAN TRAPPED IN A MAN'S BODY!"

  • Gary

    What will Jerry Brown have to say to the parents when a innocent girl is raped by a boy who lies about his sexual identity, I'm sorry?

  • Mattius

    So, instead of trying to help those who are totally lost emotionally, we must now enable them and allow them to continue on a path of moral bankruptcy? This rule literally helps no one at all, and in fact it will make things worse.

  • BevAnne

    Seems when anything is morally wrong there is a segment of society that believes passing a law makes it okay…this frees our conscious. What is the percentage of transgender students in K-12 as opposed to other students? It is always about the rights of a few rather than the many…as a parent and grandparent I would not allow my children to attend any such school that allows this….Jerry Brown nor the U.S. gov't has the right to tell my child they must share a bathroom with the opposite sex. What has happened to common sense, decency and why are we just sitting back and accepting anything that comes down the pike? My heart breaks for any child who is bullied but this law won't stop bullying. Wake up America….have we gone too far this time?

    • Gary

      Bravo BevAnne. I have a 12 year old daughter starting 7th grade and there will be hell to pay if any boy or lesbian girl were to ever touch my baby girl inappropriately.

      If our idiot Governor and Tom Ammiono (who is gay) think this is going to decrease bullying then they are completely out of touch with reality. It's always interesting how elected officials (especially homosexuals) who have no children have a tendency to create these laws to further the GAY agenda! Absolutely sickening!

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