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Prayers for Randy Travis, my idol!

randy travisNASHVILLE, TN-Two words “Randy Travis” for me mean so much.  He’s the reason I started listening to country music when I was 8 years old.  Randy was hospitalized recently due to a heart condition, and was in critical condition.  Now, it’s being reported his heart failure is possibly due to amphetamine use.  This what sources tell The Enquirer, and some might wonder if it’s true given Randy’s recent legal problems and DUI.

Randy is still in the hospital and recovering slowly, and I for one, hope he pulls through.  I saw him perform two summers ago at the San Diego Fair and it was one of the moments that took my breath away.  It’s because I have such fond memories of listening to Randy as a kid.  His songs are the reason I fell in love with country music.  Him and Travis Tritt, my two Travis’, lol!  I fell in love with country music before the Shania Twain’s and the before the Garth Brooks phase.  I was already embedded, and this man is the reason why!

Sources are coming out and talking to news sources saying Randy’s fiance, Mary Beougher, is to blame and a bad influence in his life.  But at the end of the day, I’m sorry—Randy is a grown man with a lot of life experience and can make his own decisions.  I’m not buying that someone is egging him on to make bad decisions.  As much as I love Randy, no one is to blame.

My only hope is that my country music idol recovers and comes back to country music stronger and more powerful!

Love you Randy!