Recall effort for Mayor Filner gets underway

SAN DIEGO – The pressure on Mayor Bob Filner continues to mount as a recall effort kicked off Friday outside San Diego City Hall.

“The reason he deserves to be recalled what he’s doing now is what he did then,” said community activist Michael Pallamary. “We had wire taps about bribes and kick backs.”

Pallamary is no stranger to recalls or Filner. In 1991, when Filner was a member of City Council, Pallamary initiated the recall of City Councilwoman Linda Bernhardt to break up what was called the gang of 5 which included Filner.

“This is matter of record. His machinations, his power struggles, redistricting, punishing his enemies and rewarding allies,” Pallamary said, adding the writing on the wall as soon as the mayor started having problems with City Attorney Jan Goldsmith and members of the City Council.

Pallamary said the recall has nothing to do with the allegations of sexual harassment.

“He doesn’t have to be convicted, he doesn’t have to be indicted, there doesn’t have to be witnesses coming forward. It’s the standard defined by the public. The public says either we like him or we don’t – its that simple.”

San Diego Democratic Party released a statement saying they were unable to reach a consensus and will not ask for the mayor’s resignation. Democratic Chairman Francine Busby strongly condemns sexual harassment, of which the mayor is accused, saying “we abhor the actions he is alleged to have taken 
against women.”

Supporters of the recall must gather slightly more than 100,000 signatures to initiate a recall election.


5 Comments to “Recall effort for Mayor Filner gets underway”

    Jeff T said:
    July 20, 2013 at 9:50 AM

    This should teach the voters to do a little investigating of their choice of who they vote for,,this isn't his first rodeo. I assume, like most sheep posing as voters they recognized the name as one they saw before and chose accordingly.
    One wonders what it would take for the local DNC to come to a "consensus" on Filner,, how bad does it have to get for their conscience to override the party line?

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