Mystery surrounds skateboarder’s arrest, death

OCEANSIDE, Calif. – A 25-year-old North County man was found dead on the beach after being released from five days in jail for a skateboarding ticket, and his parents want to know what caused the tragedy.

Kevin Fuzi was on his way to visit friends in Riverside County when he received a ticket for skateboarding at the Oceanside train station.

Kevin Fuzi, skateboarder in oceansideThe police report on the incident revealed that Fuzi refused to sign the ticket, prompting police to arrest him. He was taken to the Vista jail, where he served five days.

“We had no idea he was in jail,” said Frank Fuzi, Kevin’s dad. “We didn’t receive a phone call or anything.”

When Fuzi finally came home, his family members said he was “out of his mind. He was naked and he didn’t make any sense.”

“I’ve never seen him like that in all of my life. I couldn’t snap him out of it,” said Mike Fuzi, Kevin’s brother.

Fuzi ran from the house and was later found washed up on an Oceanside beach.

His sudden death shocked his family. The Fuzis want to know what happened to their “level headed” son in jail, and what drove him to insanity.

“Someone is covering this up. That’s how I feel,” Frank Fuzi said.

Oceanside police did not return Fox5’s phone calls about Fuzi’s incarceration and death.