Father of two confesses to murdering girlfriend and hiding body

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OCEANSIDE, Calif. – A 21-year old mother of two is dead and her live-in boyfriend and father of her children charged with murder.  Edith Garcia went missing Wednesday, her parents said it was not like her to disappear, “They had that feeling,” said Lt. Valencia Saadat of the Oceanside Police Department, adding “they knew something was wrong and they acted on it.”

TOceanside-Murder,-Victimhey called police to check out the home she shared 24-year old Arturo Salazar and the couple’s two children.

When police first interviewed Salazar at the home on the 300 block of Leeward Court Thursday, he denied knowing her whereabouts, telling them they got into a fight Wednesday night and she took off.

The couple only lived at this address for a little more than a month.  Police telling FOX5 it was Salazar’s demeanor when they came to the front door that tipped them off.

“He was just so calm and evasive,” said Lt. Saadat, too calm, “and very unclear in being able to give the location of the mother of his two kids.”

After a search of the home they took Salazar in for questioning – he eventually confessed to stabbing her and hiding her body under a bed in the garage of their home. Police describe her wounds as obvious and from a knife.

“It was concealed,” said Lt. Saadat, describing how her body was hidden, “not out in the open. If you had gone into the location you would not have readily seen it.”

According to neighbors all “was not” right in this home on the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. One telling FOX 5 a dozen people lived in the home and were constantly moving in and moving out, another neighbor, a new mother herself, shocked by what happened.

“We had no idea,” said Jessica Miller, “murder was the farthest thing from our brains. We were very shocked. It was very sad especially being a new mom to think that those two babies are going to be without a mother now… very sad”

Arturo Salazar will be arraigned Monday. The children are with their grandparents.


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