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I-5 pileup halts traffic through Del Mar

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DEL MAR, Calif. — A multi-vehicle crash on Interstate 5 sent two people to the hospital and brought southbound traffic through Del Mar to a halt early Monday, authorities said.

At least two motorcyclists and two or three motorists crashed on southbound I-5, south of Via De La Valle, about 7:10 a.m., according to the California Highway Patrol.SB I-5 traffic at Via De La Valle

Medics took two patients to Scripps Memorial Hospital, a San Diego fire- rescue dispatcher said. The CHP reported at least one of the injuries was “major.”

A SigAlert was in effect due to the crash, which blocked three lanes of traffic, including a carpool lane.


      • Fred

        Most of the time IT IS THE BIKERS FAULT!

        They need to learn to share the road instead of thinking they own it.

        Rice rocket suicide…………….

  • Safety First

    I don't have a motorcycle but I respect riders. In fact, I am proud to show basic respect and share the road with them. There is not enough humanity on road. Many people in cars tail gate, pass on right, fail to yield, speed up to slow (creating more traffic) and using technology. Most motor cyclists I have seen are have safer driving habits compared to those drivers in trucks or cars. Did you know some motorcycles do not have cooling systems. Therefore they are legally permitted to lane split to prevent overheating. Just food for thought. Please drive safe, life is precious. People die on the road, lives are changed forever for example some are never able to make love again, feel the hands of those they love, etc…

    • Fred

      Dream on moron !

      Lane split has nothing to do with overheating. That's right you are not a rider and don't know any better.

      • Safety First

        I never pretend that I know everything. I was informed by motor officer that some (not some, not all) do not have cooling systems so the law allowed them to lane split. Maybe the law originated differently in different areas. Educate versus name call. Your response indicates more about you versus me. Food for thought Fred. Nonetheless, I will still proudly share the roads with all drivers and riders for I rather be safe than dead right. I hope you can afford the same respect.

  • Leucadian

    10am and traffic is still bumper to bumper all the way up to Carlsbad on the 101. These guys need to work a bit faster.

    IMO, motorcyclists (for the most part) are safer drivers than cars. They have the right to split lanes and if a car driver is on their cell and switches lanes w/ out signaling, it can cause a major accident. SHARE THE ROAD. What's the rush? I'd rather be a few minutes late than never get there at all.

  • Dee

    "Most motor cyclists I have seen are have safer driving habits compared to those drivers in trucks or cars. "

    Are you kidding me? Try taking a ride up to Palomar like I did yesterday……

  • concerned citizen

    well since i was there and saw it first hand and know the facts… ill clear this up for you people that think it was the riders fault. Any way, a car rear ended another in the #1 lane which sent the car in front barrelling into the carpool lane taking out the motorcycle riders. One of the rider was 50 something years old so i take it he was wasnt out there riding danergously.

  • Safety First

    Wow, such negativity!! I think I hit a nerve. Makes me wonder if bad drivers are merely being defensive about their driving habits. I could be wrong. As I said, from my observation, most motorcyclist are safer. I suspect the commuter bikers might be more cautious then weekend warriors. Be safe, think beyond yourself.

  • Rider Coach

    It is quite apparent from the eye-witnesses account that the biker was not riding erratically or at fault. Those of you who balsted m/c riders need to calm down and see the world through our eyes; yes, I am a rider too. I would veture to guess the tail gater was the accident causing party. I would also guess they were to blame secondary to being distracted in some form or fashion, probably using their cell phone to call or answer a text. How's that call going with your insurance agent about now? STOP USING YOUR CELL PHONES WHILE DRIVING! GRRRR.

  • ConcernedToo

    I came up on this accident this morning just before emergency crews showed. I have the image in my head of that rider laying still on the side of the road next to the wreckage of his bike and all of the people who stopped to help. My thoughts and heartfelt hopes go out to him and his family.

    Its ok to slow down a little, it increases reaction times and helps you feel calmer behind the wheel. We're all at the mercy of others on the road.

  • Michelle

    I saw this accident 30 seconds after it happened this morning. Please if anyone knows if the two riders are ok, please say so. One looked bad. Really really bad. The other one in shock, and hurt, but ok. The riders were NOT at fault, they passed me slowly and cautiously prior to entering the carpool lane (as it began in del mar). Then seconds later… I hit brake lights. I prayed and prayed but they were there on the ground, one bleeding badly. I called 911 and they said emergency crews were on they way. I have never felt so helpless in my life. I really want to know that man on the ground is ok. His face is in my head and in my thoughts all day.

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