90-year-old college student sets record

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SAN MARCOS, Calif. – A California State University San Marcos student walked across the graduation stage for the fourth time, earning a Master of Arts in Education.

90 Year Old GradWally Taibleson is also the oldest graduate in the 23-campus California State University system at 90 years old.

“Anytime you can devote to improving your mind and increasing your learning is valuable for you as well as those you associate with,” said Taibleson.

Taibleson walked across the stage to cheers of “Wally” from the crowd of graduates.

Taibleson didn’t start attending college until 1993 and earned his first bachelor’s degree in 2002. Besides the master’s degree earned Friday, Taibleson has earned others including a bachelor’s degree in history and a Master’s in literature, writing studies and history.

This is likely the last time Taibleson will attend graduation as a student. He has macular degeneration and said his ability to read is poor. He now dreams of becoming a mentor to others, opening their eyes to the importance of education.

Taibleson said he might pursue auditing classes.