Driver ditches car after hitting man, house

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SAN DIEGO – Investigators said a driver may have intentionally hit a man and crashed into an Encanto house before running away from the scene Wednesday.

Edward Frection was walking along Akins Avenue Wednesday evening when a car, allegedly driven by 38-year-old Henry Alterado, turned, hit him and slammed into the corner of a house, San Diego police Sgt. Steve Waldheim said.

car-into-house“He basically saw the vehicle coming straight towards him,” said Sgt. Waldheim. “He jumped up into the air, which fortunately prevented any leg injuries and then he rolled up on the hood and rolled off the car.”

Police said Alterado ditched the car and ran away, but was caught a few blocks away and arrested.  Investigators said Alterado may have intended on hitting the man.

“It’s a completely straight and narrow driveway.  This guy would have had to slow down and make a complete left turn to hit the pedestrian,” Waldheim said.

Alterado may be charged with driving under the influence and assault with a deadly weapon, according to police.

The pedestrian suffered minor scrapes and was able to leave the scene after talking with police.