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Water main break creates sinkhole in San Ysidro

SAN YSIDRO, Calif. — A water pipe ruptured creating a sinkhole several feet wide on a busy street in San Ysidro Monday afternoon.

The water main break happened around 4p.m. and closed down West San Ysidro Boulevard at Cottonwood Road as water gushed for several hours onto the pavement.

The San Diego Water Department first reported it was a 12 inch pipe that ruptured, but later said it was likely a six inch concrete pipe.

Water service was shut off to more than 100 customers, according to San Diego Public Utilities spokesperson Arian Collins.  Service was expected to be fully restored overnight, but fixing the actual break will take more time.

“That’s because there’s a lot of other utilities over the water main.  There’s a gas line – there are fiber optics and whatever else down there.  So until that’s dealt with, we can’t actually get to our water main to fix it,” said Collins.

As the pavement first started to give way, a 24 year-old man riding a motorcycle hit the patch of pavement and crashed.

His mother said her son lost feeling in one arm and hurt his back, but was expected to be okay.

Some neighbors said they’ve had problems with water service for the past two weeks.

“I told them – you have a water leak, pipe leak under the pavement.  But they didn’t listen to me,” said Jose Marroquin.


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