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Airport opens 6 ‘green’ gates

SAN DIEGO – Some passengers traveling through San Diego International Airport Tuesday were the first to use the six new terminals and experience the new “green” elements added to it.

New security checkpoints opened last month and have cut down on travelers wait time and now six new gates in Terminal 2 were introduced as a part of the Green Build Improvement Project at Lindbergh Field.

Airport opens six new gatesThe new area has multi-million dollar art pieces, plush chairs outfitted with cup holders and power outlets and doggie restroom.

The new gates also have more eye-catching elements like “The Journey,” a 38,000 LED light art installation hanging from the ceiling.

Kathy LaComb used to dread flying out of San Diego.  She expected travel headaches Tuesday, but she was pleasantly surprised while she waited for her flight to Detroit.

“The old airport was an embarrassment, because it was just way too small for the amount of traffic that was here,” LaComb said. “I mean it’s relaxing, it’s comfortable.”

The entire Green Build project cost just over $1 billion and little touches are going a long way.

“Every step of the way, we gave thought what the passenger needs and wants.  How can we make that efficient and how can we contribute to San Diego’s position as an environmentally friendly community?” San Diego County Regional Airport Authority President & CEO Thella Bowens said.


1 Comment to “Airport opens 6 ‘green’ gates”

    Jack said:
    April 25, 2013 at 11:03 AM

    The Green Build is a start. But the old part of terminal 2, and all of terminal 1 are still too small and are an embarrassment.

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