Family loses everything when U-Haul is stolen

SAN DIEGO- A couple who stopped in San Diego to visit a relative lost everything when a U-Haul truck packed with their household possessions was stolen in Mission Valley.

“They took everything — I mean everything. Think of everything on the floor and on the walls, and that’s what was taken,” said Kim Lantz.

The Lantz’s were moving from Oregon to Texas, but stopped in San Diego to visit their daughter.

Their U-Haul was parked under a bridge, and Thursday morning it was stolen along with their car, which was hitched to the truck.

“It was unreal,” said John Lantz. “It was like having everything you’ve collected for 50 years taken in a single moment.”

Battling with Uhaul the Lantz’s learned that none of their processions were insured, and even the $1,500 charge for renting the U-Haul was not going to be refunded.

But after a few days of phone calls, U-Haul made a 180-degree turn, refunding the Lantz’s $1,500. Now, the company says it will help the Lantz’s get to Texas. But the couple’s possessions are still gone.