Dinosaurs comes to life in Balboa Park

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SAN DIEGO– A life-like dinosaur exhibit never before seen in the United States is now on display at the Natural History Museum in Balboa Park.  Dino Jaws gives visitors and up close look at 10 life sized animatronic dinosaurs.

Dino Jaws ExhibitIt’s really cool because they look so realistic,” said Julia Miller.

The exhibit focuses on what and how dinosaurs ate and demonstrates a variety of feeding strategies.  It also features hands on exhibits.  Visitors can become paleontologists for the day and do a virtual dig where they find fossilized teeth, claws or stomach contents using special tools.

Attendees can also test their strength against a T-REX and there is also something for those who don’t have a weak stomach.

vlcsnap-2013-04-12-13h07m57s194“We`ve got a weeks’ worth of dinosaur pooh, fossilized dinosaur remains that people can touch and get a feel for what this fossil might have felt like,” said Paleontologist for the San Diego Natural History Museum and local curator for the Dino Jaws exhibit Kesler Randall.

The display runs through September.

“It’s making it real,” said visitor Len Brenza.  “It’s making history real.”


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