Teen fights off attempted kidnappers

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SAN DIEGO – A teenaged girl escaped an attempted kidnapping in Emerald Hills Thursday after being dragged alongside a van with several men inside, police said.

sexual assaultThe 17-year-old victim walked passed a white Dodge Caravan with white rims and tinted windows parked near Euclid and Lisa Avenues just before 4 p.m. Wednesday, according to San Diego police officer David Stafford. A black man in the passenger seat opened the door and grabbed her, he said.

The van began to drive away dragging the girl, Stafford said.  She fought back and eventually broke free from the suspect’s grasp, falling to the street.

Police said the van drove eastbound on Market Street and had four to five black men inside.  The driver was heavy-set.

She was transported to a trauma center and was treated for a head wound, police said.

Anyone with information has been asked to contact SDPD’s Southern Division.


  • Bib clary

    I wonder if this had anything to do with a sex slavery operation. This seemed to be an organized attempt and not just a random event.

  • Brandon

    not old enough for concealed carry. THAT WOULD HAVE TAUGHT THOSE THUGS!!! Couple bullets up their ass. The FBI says most kidnap victims are DEAD 3hrs after kidnapping.

  • teremist

    School auditoriums and gyms ought to be used to teach girls self defense. I would BET there are thousands of able bodied vets and police officers who would volunteer. ENOUGH of being helpless victims!……..Predators should face a mandatory death sentence, period.

  • Gigantodog

    Maybe the kids should be carrying guns to protect themselves from the adults.

    PS To whomever wrote this story: it’s “walked PAST the van” not “walked PASSED the van”

    • Kristin

      This is horrible and there should be more done to help protect the kids out there from these people!

      **I was wondering if anyone else had caught the spelling error, it's a shame that it wasn't caught before being published.

    • SDMama

      Um no….sorry. "Past" is a measure of time. "Passed" is the past participle of the verb "pass". If you're going to correct someone in a crappy way at least look it up first and make sure you can justify being crappy. Just saying.

      • JustSayin'

        Um no…SDMama, in this sentence the word "past" is a preposition; passed is the past tense of the verb "pass". In this sentence, the verb is "walked". "Past", when used as a preposition essentially means "beyond". A past participle generally refers to a completed action like, "she passed the van"; in this story however the attempted abduction took place as she walked "past" the van, never actually completing the action of passing the van. Gigantodog is correct here and actually didn't seem to be making a "crappy" correction, just pointing out the error.

      • jdm

        Not sure whether to laugh at this or not. I'm just going to assume you didn't follow your own advice and look it up. Type "past vs passed" in Google, and I think you'll see what I mean.

  • Angel

    Does it really matter how to spell the dang word!!!! This young lady was attacked and was almost raped and or murdered! Spell the dang word anyway you want! Can we please focus on the issue and not grammar!

    • rape surviver

      Thank you, Angel! As a victim of multiple rapes as an autistic teenager it appals me that a d**n word is more important to people than the innocense of a CHILD. But it doesn't surprise me either. For those of you that think a typo is worth more than her life, I hope for the sake of your children that you don't have any.

      • rape surviver

        but then, i know you aren't actually going to read what I wrote since i spelled some words wrong. TO THE GIRL THAT WAS ALMOST KIDNAPPED, I'm proud of you! Keep strong and above all, remember you survived because you were meant to LIVE.

  • 17 soilder

    its me the17 year old girl.. :( thanks for some of u guys support umade me stronger .. god bless you all and thank god im alive

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