City school board calls for immigration reform

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SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Unified School District unanimously approved a resolution in support of immigration reform Tuesday night.

sdusd signThe resolution claims current immigration policies are hurting students in the district — stating some who “have been separated from one or both parents as a result of an immigration raid, and some children have lost a parent at the hands of border agent brutality.”

“Our students are being interrogated – made to be afraid to be in their own neighborhood because of ICE raids or other police brutality they’ve encountered,” said Maria Miller, a SDUSD teacher.

Miller said it was critical for her to attend the meeting because she’s had students who don’t perform or participate in class because they’re living in fear.  She talked about one student whose grades suddenly went down.

“He found it in him to confide he had both his parents picked up and deported and as a young adult take care of elementary school age kids,” she said.

Immigration advocates say the resolution is an important step to get the attention of lawmakers and build trust in the community.

“This is an important acknowledgement and ensures families whose children attend San Diego schools will have the security and benefit of being supported by their school district,” said Pedro Rios with the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium.


  • Boopart

    I see immigration don't touch there hearts from removing parents from their children & is not right. Some of them have children too they should feel what will happen to be without their children & the way they treat humans from somewhere else isnot right & we should be against all this wrong things.

    • 4justice TOO

      Oh but NO problem with taking $$$$ for school,grants,FREE school loans,YES free. ALL of US have to GO by the laws!!! Am I right,the rest of us didn't make this mess ORT break the LAWS so OUR kids in school should BE taught not to follow ALL laws??? Hmmm.. Schools need to teach our kids right from wrong,not what they choose to worry about!!

  • Forums4Justice

    WTF? Since when did the San Diego Unified School District have anything to do with Immigration Reform?

    We, the people, want our existing laws against illegal immigration enforced …..

    nothing more, nothing less …….

  • Juan De la Cruz

    When will this country (a country of laws) enforce it's laws against people who violated the immigration law and are here illegaly.

    Parents who were deported were deported according to our existing laws. If they want to be united with with children (most of whom are anchor babies anyway by design), then they can unite together in the country where the parents were deported. Those deported should lobby their own government to have their children educated at the expense of their own government (not at the US tax payer's expense). This country is broke. We cannot support every student of the world. Thank you.

  • Amy

    This is the same school district that ranks the worst schools as being number one and the best as number 10, so according to these educators if you are betting on the horses you don't want your horse coming in first place. And their going to tell us about immigation???? Hell the kids can't even talk english!

  • Cammylynn

    Then these students should be asking their parents why they chose to break the law and make their family illegal. There is no law preventing the parents from taking their children with them when they are deported. They knew the risk when they entered this country illegally and it is THEIR decision that is leaving their children with the fear of losing their parents.
    Do we ask that drug laws not be enforced because some children of drug dealers fear having their parents locked up? No. The parents, and no one else (not ICE, not the citizens of the US, not teachers, not the school district) are responsible for the situation these kids are in.
    When are we going to start looking at the parents as the ones who are putting their children's safety and security in jeopardy? I think it's criminally irresponsible to take (or birth) children into a country knowing that you are in violation of that countries laws.

  • Dave Francis

    In 2006 Former President Bush commissioned a design for a solid, double layer fence to reach from California to Texas, which would have stayed many of the illegal entries across our Southern border. Two fences with a fast track lane for the rapid movement of U.S. Border Patrol vehicles. The interior fence would be fortified as many outside prison enclosures consisting of heavy chain link fence attired with concertina razor wire. Unlike the miserable one structure fencing we have at this time, which was secretly underfunded and even today far from finished. The current singular main strength is in heavily populated areas, but once outside the different Border Patrol sectors it dwindles away and easily circumvented by foreign people.

    KGBT-TV — Harlingen, Texas — March 11
    Rancher says Border Patrol budget cuts are stab in the back
    As Washington struggles to find a solution to the federal budget cuts in the recent sequester, the U.S. Border Patrol has begun to cut back, and the numbers are already beginning show immigrants are taking advantage of it.
    Border Patrol stats leaked to our newsroom show the RGV sector detained almost twice as many immigrants in February as they did in January.
    While Border Patrol agents will likely lose overtime and face up to 14 furlough days, one south Texas rancher says he's going to lose too, security he depends on.
    Just 4.5 miles north of the Falfurrias checkpoint, Mike and Linda Vickers live on a 1,000 acre ranch in Brooks County.
    When Mike moved to the ranch in the 1980's he says he would see about two or three immigrants crossing his property each week.
    Today he sees about 20 or 30 a day, tearing up his fences, breaking water pipes, some even breaking into his house.
    "The fences are cut, the properties trashed out," Mike said. "We have traffic absolutely every day, big groups, small groups."

    The border gets more dangerous each day and we are supposed to believe the lies of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano or United States Attorney General Eric Holder and their collection of un-American minions and Liberal Progressive minions, who have obviously lost their credibility to most of us. While the raging gun laws preoccupy the thought of the Obama administration, the ugly incidence of “Fast and Furious” gun running to Mexico has petered-out. Each day illegal alien’s slip across the wide range of the border, and this accelerate in the coming months, with recognizing that they have a good chance of being added to the 11 million to 25 million plus, who could be granted citizenship. We should not forget that why hundreds of thousands await a working visa, others see a much easier alternative of just buying an airline ticket, to what they expect is a new future for them and the rest of their family circle. Either overstays of illegal immigrants or migrants from across the border are already versed in our immigration laws and ready to cheat the honest people. ? After the so called immigration reform package, we should ALL be issued with a federal photo ID identification card with a thumb print and retinal scans must be part of the new law. Every year 100 billion dollars slip through taxpayers fingers, because the corrupt scoundrels in the D.C. power house represent big business and are pandering to illegal aliens. A real double layer fence as the 2006 Secure Fence Act also must be compulsory.

    Just building the real fencing is not the most important barrier to illegal immigration, but the people must speak up for internal enforcement as SAVE ACT, with a provision of the E-Verify, which carries the notorious label to businesses that insist of using cheap labor. Easily accessible on any computer E-Verify distinguishes between an unauthorized worker and a citizen or legal resident who has been inspected. Of course the most controversial issue is a change in our 14th amendment, to stop illegal alien women bringing in undetected fetuses to gain citizenship for the baby. This by far, is the greatest expense to our nation that ranges in the hundreds of billions of dollars annually in this unethical new citizenship source of which the consequences is sequence of events of the current DREAM ACT, FAMILY CHAIN MIGRATION, THEN SANCTUARY CITY POLICIES that ICE AGENTS ARE ORDERED NOT TO TOUCH. THEN EVENTUALLY A VISA BEING ISSUED FOR PERMANENT RESIDENCY AND THOSE ILLEGAL PERSONS ARE NO LONGER DEPORTABLE.

    ALL AMERICANS Should sign a petition against the Gang of Eight's scheme and other nonchalant lawmakers who are in disagreement with the 23 million unemployed Americans at: NumberUSA If you really want your voice counted write a letter to your congressman (a screener will read it and tally up the letters 'for' and ‘against’) so you don't have to fret about being persuasive since all the congressman hears is an amount of letters). Phone calls are better, but here you need to be rational and not an embarrassing tirade. YOU can also contact every Representative demanding no Amnesty and no Path to Citizenship at 202) 224-3121, the Central Washington switchboard. LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT OUR BORDER AND INVESTIGATE EVERYTHING AT AMERICANPATROL.

    No copyright. Tell America.

  • Dave Francis


    Why is President Obama, and all those elected to Democratic posts, using the “Sequester” to incredulously cut a whole list of issues in sacrificing such major combinations as military hardware, benefits to servicemen such as cuts to tuition for soldiers, assistance for homeless veterans, closing hospitality tours to the White House, cuts to air traffic controllers and now the Border Patrol budgets. This is especially heinous, when foreign nationals who stole into this country through areas of the border undermanned and mostly unguarded where there is no barrier, other than hundreds of miles badly weather-beaten rusty barbed wire that restricts nothing and certainly not a determined movement illegal aliens, drug smuggler or even terrorists. Why are we severing all these benefits, but low income people (illegal aliens) are collecting on food stamps, free medical treatments, and a combination of freebies, for their children; arriving under the cloak of a family visiting Disneyland or Washington DC on a jet plane from Europe, Asia or any nation and then disappearing into the United State when there is no way to track them. Having no significant punishment for the first illegal entry, illegal aliens have promulgated throughout this country, with no existent prohibitions.

    The Sequester has been carefully engineered by the administration to cause the most alarm, to scare the most easily susceptible general populace.

    From the time of the first major enforcement law in 1986, called the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), that was entirely collusion between the U.S. Business complex, Agriculture and a whole bunch of less visible organizations and entities, which had the financial ear of those, involved in implementing its policies, were intentionally made less than effectual. Since the fraudulent aspect of that major amnesty each inept administration has been presumed to be protecting the American people, but if you picture the whole development only when there has been the emotional voice from the public audience. Nothing has passed scrutiny since the 1986 (IRCA) law was in place, because nobody has trusted any administration to do the right thing? There has been too much pandering to ethnic majorities to steal the vote. Ask why and then realize that smuggled children become instant citizens and thereby the Mother can caste her net over the citizen’s benefits available to her, including Section 8 housing if she starts bearing more and more children. As part of citizen’s entitlement programs for the low income, the prize is around $600.00 per infant, compliments of the American taxpayer. Now having a place to live the family across the border or in another country, has a place to live, get an illegal job, with no competition from an American worker, because the dishonest employer doesn’t care. His bottom line is profit and will depend on the poor enforcement and a fine, instead of being whisked away to jail. A majority knows exactly what they are doing and use enterprising attorney’s to find loopholes in the visa system, so immigrants they sponsor are less than genuine the cream of (Stem) Scientists, Technology, Engineers and Mathematician employees.

  • kaufen birkenstock

    “He’s recovering. Pam was his bedside till 4am this morning. This is about the seventh time he’s been taken to a hospital over the last few years with alcohol poisoning. How many visits will it take before he dies?”

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