Mom says Victoria’s Secret OK for 9-year-old girl

SAN DIEGO – A San Diego mom’s blog posting about buying her 9-year-old daughter underwear from Victoria’s Secret has sparked a nationwide debate.

Jenny Erikson, mom blogger“Conservative” mom blogger Jenny Erikson lives in Sabre Springs has two girls, ages 4 and 9, and writes about all things real moms go through.

“I think it’s funny that I’ve been doing this for several years and writing about a lot of hard hitting issues and now everyone wants to talk about panties with me,” Erikson said.  “People think that I said ‘I buy my 9-year-old panties at Victoria’s Secret’ which is not true.”

The blog post focused on buying Victoria’s Secret undergarments for tweens and how the new PINK line targets a younger age group.

Erikson wrote specifically about her 9-year-old daughter and where to go when your little girl gets to the “in between” age.

“Victoria’s Secret is a viable source…where do you buy underwear? The underwear store!” she said.

But according to comments, other moms were outraged calling it totally inappropriate, saying it’s still too sexy.

“I’m sorry, but teens and middle schoolers have no business shopping in a women’s lingerie store,” one woman posted.

Not all women agreed that it was inappropriate.

“Their boy shorts are amazing for little kids. If I ever have a daughter I wouldn’t mind her shopping there,” said another woman.

Another popular San Diego mom blogger Mary Burt-Godwin of the “Mama-Mary Show” said she can sympathizes with the Erikson’s online attack and that bloggers pick hot topics and ones that will get people clicking and commenting.

“I think it was perfect – I think this woman’s genius,” Burt-Godwin said.