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City leaders get involved in Padres TV negotiations

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SAN DIEGO – San Diego city leaders are now trying to get involved in the negotiation between Fox Sports and Time Warner Cable to bring Padres broadcasts to all residents this season.

padres-fieldTime Warner Cable is the only local company that hasn’t reached a deal.

Mayor Bob Filner sent a letter to the company urging officials to “reconsider your current decision not to provide your customers with Padres baseball this season, and act in a manner deserving of your customers’ trust and continued business.”

Filner said Time Warner Cable has not responded to his letter.

However, Fox Sports released a statement: “It’s very encouraging to have Mayor Filner bring attention to this issue and hold Time Warner Cable accountable.”

City Councilwoman Sherri Lightner is also now getting involved. Friday she sent a letter to City Attorney Jan Goldsmith asking him to see what rights the city has through its franchise agreement with Time Warner Cable to compel it to negotiate an agreement. She is also calling for a meeting between all the involved parties.

“I asked for him to prepare our options,” said Lightner. “For what we as a city can do to bring Time Warner to the table with Fox Sports, see if we can get an agreement hashed out.”

Lightner said she hopes to schedule the meeting by March 20. She said the companies had not yet responded to her request.

Time Warner Cable did release a statement Friday: “We maintain open lines of communication with all the elected officials in the areas we serve to make sure we’re hearing both their concerns and those of their constituents. We always welcome an open conversation, but this is a dispute between two private parties.”

Longtime Padres fan Raymond Tarango said he’s disappointed that Time Warner Cable has not reached a deal with Fox Sports.

“Makes us seem like a lower end city, like we’re not a big league city,” said Tarango. “It’s frustrating. I can’t see why they can’t get together on this when everybody else got together with it.”

Tarango said he currently subscribes to Time Warner Cable, but will cancel his service if a deal isn’t reached.

“See you later Time Warner,” he said.

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    Hopefully the city leaders succeed, that way even more people can see firsthand how bad the padres are. I used to have a problem with the charger games being blacked out, but then I realized that they would lose anyway, so it’s for the better that we don’t see the games. The same goes for the padres.

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