‘Credit score dating’ gains popularity

SAN DIEGO – Move over “E-Harmony” and “Match.com.” There is a new player in the dating game called “CreditScoreDating.com,” and it’s based on the potential mate’s ability to pay their bills.

Recent studies have shown more and more young people are inquiring about a potential mate’s financial situation before they get into a serious relationship.

Hellen Chen, known as “the matchmaker of the century” said she is not surprised singles are paying attention to credit scores.

“They are probably thinking, ‘I better keep a good score so I have a good chance to meet a handsome boy or nice woman’,” Chen said. “I thought it was quite incredible on how people develop short cuts to try and match someone based on credit score.”

FOX 5 posted the question on our Facebook page, asking if people would date or not date someone based on their credit score. Here are some of the responses:

“Maybe if I found out they had a horrible one. Money issues are a big deal,” said Ginny Dunaway Bretsynder.

“I would go out with someone, but not based on their credit score, that is just mean,” Christopher Ibarra said.

“I think it`s pretty shallow,” said Courtney Chipman. “I mean, I think a credit score says a lot about a person, but people go through rough patches.”

Chen said honesty is important in dating and if financial future is a big deal, then it’s important to establish his or her situation early.

She also admitted a credit score isn’t going to substitute other important factors in dating like personality, humor and appearance.

“I don’t think people should be scare about it. They should have self-confident and learn to love. That is an ability and has nothing to do with your score,” Chen said.

The website that matches people based on credit score is now up to 10,000 members.