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ICE: Release of federal prisoners due to sequestration

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SAN DIEGO – Hundreds of detained immigrants were being released from the Otay Detention Center Tuesday as the deadline for federal budget cuts approaches.

u.s.-border-patrol—use-thAs the possible sequestration remained uncertain Tuesday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement said they reviewed their budget.

ICE released the following statement Tuesday:

“ICE has reviewed its detained population to ensure detention levels stay within ICE’s current budget.  Over the last week, ICE has reviewed several hundred cases and placed these individuals on methods of supervision less costly than detention. All of these individuals remain in removal proceedings. Priority for detention remains on serious criminal offenders and other individuals who pose a significant threat to public safety.”

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said if Congress can’t compromise before the sequestration deadline, billions will be cut from border enforcement.

Napolitano fears the progress of border security over the last decade could be reversed.


  • barbara


    • Assault-style magazine clip

      The fact that you call them illegal *immigrants and then say they aren’t doing anything illegal is laughable. And you even said it in all caps. I guess you really wanted to make sure everyone heard you making an ass of yourself. Mission accomplished.

    • Brian

      Hey Barbara, it's a felony to come into the US ILLEGALLY. Look it up. Title 8 US 1325 and title 18. You want in, come through like every generation before. The LEGAL way. That's how my great grandparent did it and they should to.

      • Molly Pitcher

        Thank You, Brian. I am learning all about the US Code. Know of any good Federal lawyers? Time "We the People" stood up for what is right.

    • LAURA

      I'm sure you do. Given the misspellings and grammatical errors in your response, I would venture to say english is probably not your first language either. The American people open their doors to people that arrive in this country by LEGAL means. If they are not documented to be in the country then they are breaking the law and the president nor the american people owe any of them the help you seem to feel they are entitled to.

    • halleykempt

      These people released to take jobs that should be going to th 15 million unemployed Ameriacans. Charity begans at home and not in Mexico. we are no longer in to nation buliding but in nation survival. Lady Liberty has served us well and is now retiring. We are no longer a beacon for the poor of this world. Each year 3 million Americans experience homelessness. Obama is a traitor and guilty of treason and should suffer the consequences. He has no problem circumvent the laws of this land. Impeachable offense.

    • Ed Signore

      If we do not deport them then we open up a Pandora's box with all those illegals sneaking in and who are in. Do you work? I hope your job is taken by an illegal and you or yours cannot support the family then lets see if you are in favor of them getting rights to work. And stay here without penalties.


    • not today

      Are you an idiot!! First of all they wouldn't be called ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS if they weren't already breaking the law by being here illegally. Second of all, are they paying taxes on that "honest living" they're making? And third, please learn to spell!

    • Ed Signore

      That is a great idea. Do you work for a living or have a spouse working? It would be wonderful for one of you to lose your job in favor of an illegal immigrant who will do it as good as you or better for less money. Wouldn't,t you just love that? This would also invite more illegals to come in and enjoy whatever you believe the president should do for them. Wise up! They should be deported and get on line with others waiting to come in legally.

  • Amy

    Interesting called them last night and they asked where do you get your news, denied the whole thing. They sort of got real quiet when I told them it was from their OWN EMPLOYEES! People might want to consider using the money due to the Feds on April 15 to buy guns and food. Seems like the people we pay to protect us have decided to let the criminals free.

  • Amy

    Amazing releases before sequester begins….how cute. And if sequester doesn't happen then they go out and round them up? What a friggin joke!

    • J A Pryor

      Half the people in jail shouldn't have been there in the first place, they were jailed for financial gain and it backfired, I guess they forgot about how the economic crisis would affect the prisoners families as well!!! No money for nobody!

  • Molly Pitcher

    What I'm thinking is it that it is time for the citizens to organize and for a Militia to do the job of maintaining law and order if the Fed's can't handle it.

  • Sal

    Thanks Janet now we can walk around with guns just to protect our families from criminals we pay Federal tax to catch. Maybe it is time for Americans to issue their own deck of playing cards with the politicans faces on them starting with King Obozo.

  • AS

    It is hard enough trying to make it in the US w/o illegals taking our entitlements. I am from a 2 income family. We don’t have much left after bills but you won’t see myself or my partner going down to get Welfare like everyone else… I have even heard we actually make too much, if you can believe that! Stop with the handouts! If you can’t make it work then you might want to think seriously about going back to where you came from. Let YOUR Government take care of you. Force YOUR Governments hand, not mine! And I really love how all these illegals walk around here like they actually belong. I was in the grocery store the other day and the illegals were taking up the WHOLE isle. I said excuse me and they looked at me funny and went back to what they were doing…? WTH? I looked at the man and said “I’m going to ask ONE more time, move your cart!” Deadlocked in the eyes. He looked back for a minute and realized I was not playing, he moved his cart and family to the side. Get legal, LEARN ENGLISH and we won’t have such a problem!

    • Amy

      Watch Cave-man mentality come April 15th, when the people don't file tax returns to a Governement that releases criminals upon its citizens.

  • Vern Irwin

    So…… we can afford to GIVE (F-16 military planes and Abraham Tanks + 2 Billion dollars to Egypt (The Muslim Brotherhood) But we can't afford to keep illegals law breakers locked up. ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF HOW STUPID THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION IS AND HOW OBAMA HATES THE UNITED STATES. What an As**&%-Hole he is.

    • JA Pryor

      How the Hell is OBAMA doing all of this? He's not God just human like you and I, there's nothing OBAMA can do withoout congress behind him!!!! Read your history books, then you'll know.

  • Too Funny

    CA 55 electoral votes. Too funny. Why not TX, 38 electoral votes, oh yea.

    Dear grammar and spell checkers, please ignore my writing style. I wrote the above sentence like I would say it… including a confused look on my face, attempting to get a laugh.

  • WTf_R_U_Thinking

    I am sure each and every one of these illegals are going to be keeping those $1000 ankle bracelets on and showing up to court to be deported at a later date. Seriously, this is one of the most ignorant things I have heard of. They will drive to LA, cut off the anklet and toss it onto the freeway…..Once again free to break the law with no consequences. Our federal government has to be at its lowest point in history with its actions lately.

    "Here America, I am taking your guns and releasing these criminals, but its for your own good"

  • Michael

    Budget cuts folks. It's what Ryan, Romney, and other Republican's wanted anyways. Their steep but here's the sacrifice. We hit the tipping point long ago by not funding wars and drug programs, not paying attention to entitlement growth, etc. You can threaten Obama and call him names; this wasn't supposed to happen but somebody on the right says cutting SS, increasing Medicare qualifications, you know-all the things Dem's hold sacred are not enough. Quit blaming Obama. Blame oil welfare and populous welfare. Blame corporations writing off luxury purchases as an expense even though it's all play. Blame your Uncle on Medicare with COPD. Blame the mother with 4 kids from 3 different daddies, across all cultures–no cherry picking minorities. Half the Obama haters here think he's cool with jeopordizing the country, even though the country caused most of the social problems, Governemnt tried to help those that coulldn't help themselves becuase corporations don't care about sex, race, socioec background.

  • Michael

    We as a society act and it costs, all of us in every little way. We the people have control. Do we need $40,000.00 oil paintings, no. Call or write your legislator and tell your Mom too also. Cut the loopholes and we don't have sequestration, we have deep smart cuts. Ryan plan, Obama's plan. Bet the haters never even looked at Obama's plan, taking $8/patient from a doctor is much more reasonable than giving Grandma a check for her health care and hope it doesn't run out becuase her doc's just found out she has a $5000 check to blow. Much more reasonable than eliminating early education; one of the things producing skilled and knolwedgable leaders of future generations.

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