Honey oil, marijuana grow found in Fallbrook home

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marijuanaPlantFALLBROOK, Calif. – A man suspected of using potentially explosive materials to make a concentrated form of cannabis called honey oil was behind bars following his arrest in Fallbrook, a sheriff’s sergeant said.

Deputies were investigating complaints of drug-related activity at a house on the 2600 block of Secret Lake Lane around 10 a.m. Friday, when they pulled over Marc Lockwood, 37, of Fallbrook, according to Sgt. Joe Montion of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

“Lockwood, who lives at the residence, was pulled over near his home for unspecified vehicle code violations.” Montion said. “Inside Lockwood’s vehicle, deputies found marijuana-infused butter, known as ‘hash butter,’ and a small amount of marijuana.”

They found a marijuana growing operation inside three rooms, Montion said.

“Deputies also determined Lockwood was actively manufacturing ‘hash butter’ or ‘honey oil.’ This is a highly explosive and dangerous process akin to manufacturing methamphetamine,” Montion said.

The honey oil is made using propane or a butane to break down marijuana into a thick, concentrated liquid that is then smoked. Hash butter is made by heating marijuana and butter or some other fat together in a pan. The substance is then eaten.

Lockwood was booked in a Vista Detention Facility on suspicion of possession of marijuana for sale, cultivation and manufacturing controlled substance, Moniton said. His bail is set at $55,000.

Explosions or fires caused by the manufacture of honey oil have been reported around Southern California in recent months, including one in West Hollywood that damaged the walls of an apartment and sent a man to the hospital with serious burns.


  • Crash

    Talk about ignorance. You don't have to be a cannabis activist to know how completely ridiculous it is to compare making honey oil to that of manufacturing methamphetamines. Do you research people, and don't believe everything you read.

  • Frank

    "made using propane or a butane"
    "made by heating marijuana and butter or some other fat together in a pan"

    So using a gas stove is equivalent to running a meth lab? This is completely ridiculous. Prime example of a police state if I've ever seen one

  • Jack

    I guess it is a good thing we live in a free country where if you don'y like something you are always free to leave.

  • Michael Moore

    So,…the use of Propane and or Butane is illegal…or indicative of a Meth Lab, because they are "potentially explosive"? What about the stove in your kitchen, or the lighter in your pocket? Idiots! Be very aware that this is PROPAGANDA. Propagated by the LAW ENFORCEMENT involved in the BUSINESS of arrest, and punishment. They get Career advancement through these actions! Did he actually SELL any of what he was growing? Suspicion of? You can be invaded via a house SWAT raid for their suspicion now??? WTF happened to this country? How did LAW ENFORCEMENT get to RULE over all of us? BECAUSE THEY HAVE GUNS!! That is why they NEED to repeal the 2nd Amendment, and take the guns away from the citizens. The POLICE SUCK! I'm almost 60 years old, and have watched this once wonderful country be destroyed by a liberal approach to legislation, and overwhelmingly…the militarization of local law enforcement agencies, that now see EVERY CITIZEN as an enemy, a potential threat. "To Protect and Serve" is history. "Shoot first,..ask Q's later!" EG: How about those 2 women that were shot by the local police in LA last week when the COPS were looking for that guy they cooked in Big Bear! These woman weren't even in the right make, model, or color of the vehicle they were looking for!! Riddled the BACK of the truck with bullets. A 70 yr old woman fighting for her life. OUTTA FK'N CONTROL! Too many politicians put too many stupid intrusive laws on the books. MOST create a class of criminal out of people that otherwise have done nothing to hurt anyone!! Do the math,… If you smoke an 1/8 of an ounce of cannabis a day(only 3,5grams), then every eight days you need an ounce, about 4 ounces of cannabis a month, times 12 months = 48 ounces, or 3 POUNDS a year. How much did he have? Only the FLOWER of the plant is used. He could have a warehouse full of "plants", and still only get a small yield of usable flowers by comparison. They didn't say they have ANY evidence that he broke ANY STATE or LOCAL LAW. Are they enforcing Federal Law? I thought the SD Sheriff were State. The SD Sheriffs are dishonorable LIARS! Spin Doctors. I KNOW THIS from my own recent personal experiences, as well as what I have witnessed in my MANY DECADES observing. Don't call them looking for help. When is the last time you can recall Law Enforcement being of "service" to anyone? Because of their actions, THEY HAVE BECOME THE ENEMY.

  • Michael Moore

    My blanket statement that they are all "LIARS", is not accurate, obviously(though, everyone lies),.. but through collusion, they all become tarnished.

  • james

    Very interesting breakdown, indeed. It’s nice to have such information available in one location and some ideas for new and different directions to take to help one stand out.

  • Curt Suess

    Sounds like Lockwoods little operation didn't pull down enough cash to pay of the Sheriff's. Hard to decide which is worse Moniton who's talking out the side of his neck trying to win over the majority of ignorant people that believe this type of BS, or the reporter that wrote this story. Between Law Enforcement and Media Fallbrook is by far the most corrupt town that I ever lived in. I've lived in Europe, Canada, and several different states. My Wife is the daughter of a Police Officer who died in the line of duty. I have always had respect for the Police and figured that there are a few bad one's here and there. Somehow Fallbrook has become the home for the most vial, lying scum I've ever come across. Civil rights went down the tubes about ten years ago. In the past nine months I have had over thirty contacts with the sheriff's. They have stalked me, told me to get out of town, accused me of attempting to run someone over with a car, beating a sixty year old woman, theft, vandalism and terrorist threats. This all came about because I was taught that if you don't stand up for your rights then you don't have any. To make a long story short I lost my vehicle, my tools and my money because they didn't do there job and claimed that what was stolen from me was a civil matter. Just to make matters worse they pulled over my Wife and I for having a brake light out (which wasn't) and when they couldn't arrest me the officer pulled a pipe out of his ass and said it was my Wife's. My Wife is 44 years old and never even had a parking ticket. It cost $500.00 for bail and the DA didn't pick up the case because he knew it was a lie. More than anything we want to leave Fallbrook but can't. We won't leave until we get our day in court. I wonder how Lockwood got from having a fix it ticket, to a felony involving the search of his vehicle and his home? Probably an illegal search and seizure. Montion's big bust will probably end up a misdemeanor possession charge. After I leave Fallbrook I only have one wish, that all these crooked cops die screaming. Be careful out there they just killed another one last month. With the help of the Media they might just become the Neo Gestapo. It's sad to think of the countless millions who died so we could be free and now most just look the other way as our rights get taken away. I'm sorry to say it's going to get allot worse before it gets better. To the few of you that are still willing to take a stand, I wish you luck.

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