Video shows women harassing seals

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SAN DIEGO – A newly installed seal webcam caught two women harassing seals at the Children’s Pool in La Jolla last week, an animal activist said.

sealsIn video from a camera installed on a condemned lifeguard tower, the women appeared to be sitting on the seals, pulling their flippers and kicking them, according to Larry Wan of Western Alliance for Nature Conservancy, who sponsors the webcam.

All of the seals retreated to the water and it was unknown if animals suffered injuries.

Around 200 seals gather along La Jolla’s coastline from January to March to give birth to pups.  The birthing season attracts thousands of tourists to the area.

It was not illegal for the women to be on the beach, but harassing the seals is against the law.


  • Eric

    No idea why people would outwardly harrass the seals like that. Although the nature conservancy lady’s cause is a little upside down. Those 200 seals eat about 2000-4000 lbs of fish per day. Why are we encouraging them to breed next to the Scripps underwater protected preserve?

  • sean

    Eric…your right. Let's make sure to not "encourage" animals to survive and eat, as they have done for millions of years. What's the fun in that anyways…stupid seals…taking so much beach from us…we only have 70 + miles of beach in San Diego…greedy seals can't spare a few hundred feet for us because the other 69.9 miles wasn't enough.

  • Eric

    Hey Sean, I'm not talking about seals vs humans. I'm on board with where you are on that. I'm talking about encouraging an unopposed predator next to an ecological preserve. And then thinking about humans again, I got curious about how much commercial fishing compares to seal intake and seals actually eat about 7 times the amount of fish commercially pulled out of California waters. My point is we can't call ourselves nature conservationists without looking at the whole equation including the underwater life. I'm assuming we are protecting the Scripps Preserve for a reason.

    • les

      where is the encouragement? we didn't pick that spot for them the seals picked it..federal law says we can't bother them..If there were no federal law I'm pretty sure they would be chased away…I'm all for leaving them alone..and I'm pretty sure that if these ladies would have got bit they would learn to leave them alone..

      • barbonine

        I can't fathom WHY they didn't get bit! Those harbor seals have pretty good jaws and teeth, and are large enough to chomp a chunk out of a drunk trying to sit on them.

        Heck, I woulda bitten them!

  • Derek

    I am really surprised this can happen. They won't let you get w/in 10 ft of them, let alone sit on them. They would turn around and bite you to get off. Really think its fake.

    • Ilene

      definitely not fake derek.. these are pregnant seals.. most likely they are in labor and that is why they did not flee. i witnessed this with my own two eyes! these girls have harassed the seals repeatedly and the police and all authorities have the pics and video evidence to prove it

  • Mary

    its not fake, Derek…these seals are 'used' to humans. I have been viewing the seal cam for weeks now. Its very real. Take a look yourself. There have been ongoing battles over this issue with the La Jolla residents vs seals for years now if you google about it. You could waste away hours …its amazing how intolerant humans are as a species. They take and take the land from animals but even if an animal takes over something 'manmade' by humans it never goes the other way. Arrogant, self centered, self serving only morons!

    • Seal_Lean_Dion

      its a wonderful opportunity to coexist with nature (keeping a respectful distance of course and honoring the attempts to rope off the seals for the good of them but ppl always have to get closer. ) Its caused a lot of conflict with 'anti seal ' ppl actually selling fake tickets to cross over the rope for access to the seals. The divers you see are there on special missions to harass the seals..they certainly have other places to dive but don't…because this is their way (without doing overt like these girls) to harass them. They don't want the seals there.

      • Ilene

        yes, a wonderful opportunity and yes, i've witnessed the harassers selling fake tickets to cross the rope and encouraging unknowing locals and tourists to approach, break the law and disturb the seals. the divers, the girls in the video, the posse that hangs out on the beach.. they are all on a mission to exterminate the pups and drive the seals off. they are sad excuses for human beings and set a terrible example for the youth of today!

  • guest

    I don't know what is wrong with people, I hope they are prosecuted. I love all of sea life and they are beautiful; should be respected because that is what I have been taught, if this happened in Hawaii they would be sitting in jail.

    • Roddd

      Ah Hawaii … The one time immaculate Princess of the Pacific now defiled by undeserving haole tourists. Ha!!! I laugh at your nostalgic, shroom-induced flashback. Hawaii is now a coral graveyard. Ravaged daily with impunity because like La Jolla, Hawaii has been seduced by the great tourist dollar. La Jolla and Waikiki have suffered the same fate.

  • Lore

    I live in La Jolla and the seals bring joy to the tourist that visit here. LEAVE THEM ALONE…
    Those people need to be fined!

  • Roddd

    The seals and the kayakers have ruined the La Jolla shoreline. Tourists do not have to put up with the stench of seal feces everyday so they love the seals. But we locals know better. We know that the seals are the ones that eat most of the fish from the protected preserve zone leaving nothing but Garabaldi. People who are outraged by this aren't true environmentalist. These seals almost do as much harm as the clueless tourist kayakers that splash and harass way more sea life than those girls. I hate to be the one to burst your bubbles, but these girls actually did more good than harm to the environment.

    • Syllvia

      I disagree with you, saying that 'these girls…did more good than harm to the environment'; WRONG. Those girls are so pathetic and disrespectful of the environmental laws. You seem to have an interest in attacking the seals' existence. I cannot understand how people can actually be so cruel to these seals, (Life). My belief is that people who are disturbing the seals are actually disturbed themselves, and I am wondering if these harassers consider themselves, Loving Parents, (or not?), and if they do, how can they be so cruel harassing, disturbing, and hurting the seals? I cannot condone that type of cruel and sadistic behaviors. If someone can identify these girls,or anyone harassing the seals in the future, I hope they get prosecuted for harassing these innocent seals, and for breaking the laws.

    • William Tos

      Acting like idiots is not "more good". Let's face it, why not try to compromise in a fashion that does not show how ignorant and dumb people can act. There are other places tourists can go and if it a big problem, why not go out there and clean up the feces rather than spend hours harassing the seals. They could probably have had the beach cleaned by the time they got done! And they would have shown great consideration for God's creatures.

  • Lance

    The seals are just raping the ecological preserve. they eat thousands of pounds of fish every day. they poop thousands of pounds of raw sewage. they are disgusting. all you seal lovers should go to sea world. they even stink there despite sea world washing the entire enclosure multiple times per day. get rid of the seals!! the seal lovers don't spend any time in the ocean. those of us that do know what a scourge they are. they are destroying the environment.

    • Syllvia

      It is such a poor excuse, and I cannot believe that you are educated to attack the seals saying that they rape the ecological preserve. The Seals live in their habitat; they eat what is intended for their survival, and they eliminate as it is expected. I don't want to be graphic, but, you eat, and you poop and the seals are not attacking you. You sound so selfish like the rest of your group. What goes around, comes around, and I hope that someday, people who are cruel to the seals will be ocupied with their own demons and leave innocent life alone. Or, hopefully, you will be touched by kindness and care to respect marine mammals, and others.

    • seal lover lisa

      really, lance. get off this earth, this planet has no use for the likes of you. seal lovers? its called compassion and you are a microcosm of why humans will eventually destroy themselves. people like you just don't get it. those "scourges" have been inhabiting this planet long before the universe even gave humanity a thought. and their feces actually have enzymes that help the ocean water. that raw sewage you smell is human sewage run off that comes out of those pipes along Children's Pool. do your homework before you get on a public forum spouting off comments that have no validity.

    • Karen

      You are really ignorant. And where does your poop end up, Mr. High & Mighty? You don't think God's creatures have a right to eat, too? It's MANKIND who is destroying this planet. Our oceans' fish stocks are already 75 percent depleted thanks in large part to world-wide factory fishing fleets, a practice that should be banned. I could go on and on about this, but why bother? Your little pea brain isn't worth my time.

    • loveseals

      hey pat, would it be funny if they treated your child like that? you and lance should go pound some beers and laugh at all the atrocities that take place on this planet. your level of competency must be off the charts!

  • Coastdefender

    Amazing ignorance and bias. The marine environment evolved with the seals and when there were hudnreds of thousands the fish were plentiful. They are supposed to eat fish, that's their role in the ecosystem. Now that there are only 40,000 of them there aren't any fish. That's not due to the seals. They aren't destroying the environment, they are an integral part of it. It is man who is responsible.

    • loveseals

      coastdefender you are absolutely spot on. more seals, more fish. the seals eat the larger predators who eat the fish. no seals means over-abundance of larger predators that eat most of the fish….and umm….could it be over-fishing by humans as well. give me a break. anyone who would say get rid of the seals has no idea how this planet operates and that each living thing, especially seals do play an "integral part" on this planet. ahh, our species has so much to learn….STILL!!!!

  • RobinJaimie

    These women are criminals. These are cruel, cowardly women who will raise their own children to be bullies.

  • maroa

    Plese this can be prevented, we need help to stop this. WRITE THE MAYOR a letter……I was ther yesterday during the day, I witnessed a few men in ther 30's harassing seal just for a photo. Then i saw a 11 year old boy throwing a stone at them, WITH A LIFEGUARD ON DUTY doing NOTHING!! I had to yell, and intervien. PLEASE HELP!!!!! these innocent, defenseless animals.

  • 1hunter

    What a typical envoromentalist to say we have seal mutalaions and shooting. Give me a break all you have to do is throw some BS on the wall and our gullable media and ploiticians eat it up. Sure nobody wants to see people harming or harrassing animals, but really do we need to spend all this money on 24/7 protection by SDPD patrol. Great decision making

  • rkb

    I would certainly hope this Major and Law Enforcement would do everything possible to prosecute and jail these beasts.No questions asked lock them up and let them feel what it is like to take away their natural habitat. People do not let this rest! Go after them and anyone else that even comes close to abusing our creatures.You owe that to all of us in this country Mr. Major. Forget the letters from everyone just do it..Maybe see how Florida protects the turtle population .Serious consequences if you even think of disturbing them.Open your eyes California..

  • Holger_Meins

    This was a staged performance designed for the SealCam in an effort to get the beach closed and solicit more money from gullible donors who value emotion and sentimentality over science. The Wans of Malibu and their pseudo-scientific and eponymous “conservancy” are only in this for the profits. Altruism is the farthest thing from their minds. They paid for the installation of the camera with the intent of using staged video to stir up donations from easy marks. They should be audited by the IRS and by the State Attorney General for fraudulent use of a non-profit organization.

    State law prohibits closing public beach access. Even wealthy beachfront property owners in Malibu have to live with this reality. Filner is pandering to the lowest common intellectual denominator by his illegal action.

  • Holger_Meins

    The green sea turtles in Florida are endangered. Harbor seals are neither endangered nor are they threatened.

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