Protestors campaign against Keystone oil pipeline

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SAN DIEGO – Hundreds of protestors gathered in San Diego Sunday to participate in a nationwide demonstration to pressure President Obama to decline a Canadian pipeline that would bring oil to the United States.

Keystone KL Pipeline protestVarious environmentalist groups urged Obama to reject TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline. They believe turning down the pipeline would be the first step to taking action against climate change.

The environmentalists organized the march to coincide with a larger group of demonstrators who converged on the White House.

The oil from Alberta, Canada’s tar sand deposits is bitumen, which is heavier, more viscous and contains more impurities, and thus takes more energy to extract and process.

The target, for the moment, is the proposed construction of the 1,600-mile Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta to U.S. refineries that ring the Gulf of Mexico.


  • Mustang

    These people must live in La La land. We NEED the oil to reduce gas prices! Wait until they see gas hit $5/gal next summer – maybe that will wake them up!

  • Rock

    We need long term jobs in America, especially in the midwest.
    Farmers got screwed enough in the 80's, now it's time for a little pay back.
    As long as the Ogallala Aquifer and Missouri stay safe I vote go for it.

  • Common sense

    We already get most of our oil from Canada. This will just make it easier to get the oil to the refineries, thus making the oil cheaper since there is a savings on transportation. Build the pipeline!

  • barbonine

    America is one of the largest oil exporters in the world today. EXPORT, as in, you don't get any. Keystone Pipeline, some of you seem to be under the misinformation that we will benefit. We won't.

    Shipped to Texas refineries, then off to someplace not us. It's not oil TO the US. That is just poor reporting. It is oil THROUGH the US. It's not stopping so you can fill your tank. It's going abroad and you don't benefit. I don't benefit.

    The richie at the top of the heap benefits, and all we're left with is sludge and promises. Smarten up, San Diego! Some of you sound like you've been listening to Glenn Beck instead of relying on accurate information without the fearmongering factor.

    America does not get any of the oil produced from this pipeline. Okay? It's that simple. We're not protesting so you can't have cheap gas. We're protesting because history has shown that companies have no regard for you and your family except where commerce is concerned. You can thank us later for keeping your kids from being exposed to carcinogens and other petrochemical toxins.

    Or maybe you think living in a place like Nigeria is preferable. You know, a place without the boogyman of REGULATION!

    Wise up. The only people who care about your wellbeing are the ones you despise and dismiss as "domestic terrorists" and parasites. Mitt Romney's ilk doesn't give a rat if your kid's bowels fall out due to cancer. They only care that you pay your bills on time.

    • Truth hurts

      Just read your post here and your other posts else where. Barbonine, you are the one who is wrong here and from your other posts, anti-God anti- Boy Scouts anti-republican, I can see why when using facts, liberals just get frustrated, confused, use bully type antics and mentality of a high schooler. If you don't like something, don't listen. I.e. Glenn beck. Typical liberal. They want to outlaw or ban anything THEY don't like. Never mind everyone else!

      • barbonine

        I don't understand people like you. The information in my post is DOCUMENTED, i.e. real.

        You say 'anti-God, anti-Boy Scouts anti-republican' like it's a bad thing. I am anti-intolerance, anti-hate and anti-bullying.

        Unfortunately all of the above things you mention show symptoms of at least one of the above attributes. In other words, if these groups made the world a better place, I'd support them. They don't, so I won't.

        And I am so NOT a "typical" anything. Dimwitted people like to pigeonhole reality. It makes them think they understand it better, and gives delusions of adequacy.

  • Truth hurts

    Believe what you want. You are typical. Just like your YELLING in your posts and you say you don't like hate. Well look in the mirror and look what your are writing. You argue my point better than me. Keep it going. Liberal.

  • Amy

    They are out of thier minds, I watched them drive up in cars that use gasoline to protest, how stupid do you get. Its like protesting fast food while wolfing down burgers and fries. We need to do like New York start rounding up the mentally ill.

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